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Hi, this is Luke of the gamer, and here's a guide on some of the best builds for the bazpi SMG in Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 introduced the BAZ-P in season one, an SMG variant of the m13b assault rifle featuring a fast fire rate and minimal recoil. The bass is sure to be a favorite for aggressive and stealthy players alike.

Bridging the Gap between SMG and AR: The Buzz P itself is tailored towards stealth thanks to its subsonic ammunition and integrated suppressor attachment, but you can go guns blazing with it as with most SMGs if you build it properly. We'll be looking at two builds in this article, focusing on both aspects of the bazpi and showcasing its maximum potential.

This first loadout turns the Bass P into a stealthy assault rifle. SMG hybrid, the weapon's base range is quite terrible for mid-range combat, so we're going to fix that with a 12-inch Bruin sz-36, a barreled X10 RR-40, andrr40, and a {149}pressorSuppressor Both attachments allow you to kill someone in five shots at 20 meters, making it a much more competitive SMG.

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For general consistency, we'll use the vlk lzr7mw, ruin, flash V4 stock and brew, and flash grip to increase the weapons' aim-down sight speeds. Sprint to fire time and overall mobility We don't have many recoil-reducing attachments here, so we're going to tune the gun for recoil steadiness. Your improved range and suppressor should make 6v6 modes much more enjoyable and challenging; engaging enemies at longer distances is still ill-advised if they're using an assault rifle, but you'll be able to duel most meta SMGs with a moderate degree of success if your aim is true focus.

On landing headshots, take advantage of your great ads and Strafe speed, and you'll have a good time with this build. As for the rest of the loadout, a suppressed SMG is a perfect candidate for a stealthy loadout. We'll be taking advantage of ghosts to hide from enemy UAVs, and our suppressor will delay radar pings when firing the bats.

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Since the SMG has to reload frequently, we'll use fast hands to load fresh magazines in an instant, and double time is a common pick for rushing plays. but feel free to experiment with your base perks. However, a tracker is unnecessary here since the buzz already hides death markers, and, of course, dead silence is required for a stealthy playstyle that allows you to flank enemies without making audible footsteps.

You can also use battle rage if you prefer. When it comes to equipment, you can't go wrong with throwing knives to shut down enemies that rush around corners, and stun guns will never let you down, but we recommend a fast-draw pistol to swap weapons quickly if you get caught mid-reload. The second build focuses on raw regression.

You won't be particularly fast with this setup. We tried making no-stock bats work as well, but we just can't recommend it for the bats. However, you'll have the massive 50-round magazine and suppressed shots thanks to the 10.5-inch Bruin Typhon barrel. We'll also increase the Bazepi's overall consistency by using the vlk, lzr7mw, FSS, shark fin 90, and the Bruin flash V4 stock.

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You'll strafe quickly, have solidly aimed side speeds, and have 50 rounds to fire before needing to reload. Also, make sure to tune the barrel toward recoil steadiness and side speed. Close range is where you'll excel with this build. To avoid dueling players at mid-range or further, as their weapons will quickly take you down, treat this weapon similarly to the Fennec 45 or any rapid-fire SMG.

Your high fire rate and great accuracy will help you win fights, not your damage per bullet headshot, and are especially useful with this weapon. It also makes a solid backup weapon in Warzone. We will be using the same loadout as our last build; however, we've replaced the throwing knives with a drill charge this time as it helps you fight campers.

So there's our advice on some of the best ways to build the bazpi, or SMG, in Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 introduced the BAS-P in Season One, an SMG variant of the M13B assault rifle.
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