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It's Dash got you with another Banger War Zone article. As requested, I'm making a class set of articles. All the classes will be shown at the end, so make sure you stick around and watch the whole thing through, but with that being said, I love you all. Down, all right, Going straight into the class setups.

I do use the Swarm, probably the best SMG in the game. If you guys don't like to use the sights on it. I recommend taking it off and switching out for something like the Marauder grip, but right now I'm filling the Slate reflector, so I'm going to keep it on. For the uzi, definitely an underrated SMG.

I don't see many people using it; this is the class I use. If you want to use the site again, then I recommend swapping out and putting on the short light barrel. This swarm is definitely a great variation. If you want to use something like mobility and be flashy, I definitely recommend using this.

Now, this is just for trolling. This is going to be nerfed soon, so I recommend it if you do want to use it now. I use this class right here, which is definitely broken. This is my Ram 7 class. I use it as an SMG, but if you guys don't want to use it as an SMG, I recommend putting on the core Mark 40 heavy barrel.

It literally deletes all recoil, but you can't use it in close range. This is my Striker class. This is probably the best striker class in the game. Not going to lie, if you guys don't want to use the rear grip, then I would take that off, and if you want to use a site, you can. Or a lot of people do run the Sonic suppressor on it like this, but I don't really care.

I like to have a little bit less recoil, so I'm going to stick to the RAR grip now for the SVA. This is definitely going to become a meta-AR; nobody really knows to buy it right now, but it is broken. This is the class I use for it. For the CX9, I do use this class. There are a lot of different variations you can use.

I've seen some people put on the Marauder stock, or, like, no stock; it doesn't really matter, but I definitely recommend using this barrel right here. This is probably what makes it the SMG and SVA I was talking about. This is so fun to use. I definitely recommend using this right now, as I don't really see how many people are using it.

This is definitely the best bass B-class setup in the whole game. I definitely recommend using this if you don't want to use the Nidar model, then I recommend putting on like one of the AOG sites that everybody's been using, but this is my class setup right here, but for my tactical and lethal. I do like to use the steem and the throwing knife, and then for my C package, this is the same one I rock on every single class setup.

Double-time slight of hand Quick Fix Resolute Quick Fix is definitely a must in those situations where it's like a 1 V3 four, but Resolute is great for when people are shooting at you and you get the increased movement speed. I definitely recommend using this double time, and slight of hand is just kind of fairly simple; everybody uses that, but that's pretty much it for all my classes that I've been using in War

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