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Hello, my good friends. This is the Warzone Loadout AI, and today I will talk about assault rifles in Warzone 2. Let's first quickly go over the topics I will cover during this article. Cast off 545; cast off 762; and cast off 74u. Lacman 556 m13b M16 M4 stb556, Tak-56 chimera, remember that you can also use the timestamps to jump directly to the loadout you need.

Kastov 545 best warzone 2 loadout

So let's start with the cast-out family and the cast-out 545. In my opinion, the best way to use the class of 545 isn't in a versatile way, focusing more on mid-range, and why not even sniper support? This gun perfectly combines the 74U's mobility with the 762's damage range. This versatile loadout is, in my opinion, the best with low recoil thanks to the sack and muzzle and the Ripper under the barrel. Barrel If you want to use a scope with this loadout, you can replace the high-velocity ammunition with the Corona Mini Pro Optic.

Kastov 74u best warzone 2 loadout

Kastov 74u best warzone 2 loadout

Next, we have the little brother, the cast of 74U. Don't expect anything at long range with it, but if you need a fast, super mobile AR that has almost the same feel as an SMG, then the 74u will be perfect.

The only downside of this laser is that it will be visible to your enemies, but for me, this is not an issue, especially in close-range encounters.

Kastov 762 best warzone 2 loadout

The last of the cast-off family is also my favorite; the 762 is, in my opinion, the best assault rifle right now and one of the only relevant competitors of the RPK in season one; it's faster and lighter than the RPK, but it's also the best range time to kill out of all the AR categories and guns we are seeing now; it's also the easiest to control, that's for sure, but if you find the recoil manageable, then you have no reason to use any other assault rifles for long range.

Lachmann 556 best warzone 2 loadout

Now let's talk about the easiest assault rifle in a warzone. If you struggle with recoil or miss the old Glock 5.56, then definitely try the Lakman 556. Of all the guns I see getting buffs with season two, this is probably the one I expect, and if the Lackman makes it to the absolute meta category, we will have a very easy to use and casually friendly meta.

M13b best warzone 2 loadout

M13b best warzone 2 loadout

Another easy low-recoil gun is the m13b , which is very similar in terms of behavior to the old M13 of Warzone 1. You will be able to use this gun no matter your skill level, but I think the m13b can be quite frustrating nonetheless.

Chimera best warzone 2 loadout

This is the best loadout for the m13b in Warzone 2, and the Chimera is a fantastic gun for close to mid-range, like the cast of 70, for which you do not expect much for long range, but the Chimera is feeling amazing with the sniper support loadout.

You'll notice the SA leveler muzzle; this attachment is focusing on horizontal recoil, which is very important to use if you feel like your gun is bouncing left and right. Then let's jump to the M4, which is probably the favorite weapon of the community since the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

M4 best warzone 2 loadout

It's not that good in Warzone, but it could be one of the guns they improve for season two, with just a small damage range buff, to ensure the community also starts using the M4 in Battle Royale mode.

Now, this could arguably be the worst assault rifle in the game.

M16 best warzone 2 loadout

Right now the bursts of the M16 are a nightmare for all camel grinders in Modern Warfare 2, and except if you were doing a challenge, you have no reason to use the M16 right now, but anyway, here is the best loadout for it. Let's move to stb556,.

Stb 556 best warzone 2 loadout

Stb 556 best warzone 2 loadout

Now that I love this gun in multiplayer, it's a great sniper support in Warzone 2, but it lacks the power to be competitive with other assault rifles. Here is what I believe to be the best versatile loadout for this gun: Now you'll notice this gun has a specificity with the barrel and integrated suppressor; it's enough for a mid-range build, but if you want to create a long-range loadout, you should use the Harbinger muzzle and the TAC fb20 barrel, and our final assault rifle, the tac-56.

Taq-56 best warzone 2 loadout

Maybe, in my opinion, the battle for the best assault rifle is between the TAC-56 and the caliber 762. The TAC's main advantage is that this gun has very low recoil and is clearly easier than the 762. Make sure to follow Warzone Loadout on social media for the best Warzone 2 loadouts and the latest information.

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On the menu today, are the best Warzone 2 loadouts for every Assault Rifle in the game.
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