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War Zone is finally back with Urzikstan and mod Warfare 3 integration, and welcome to another of the best possible loadouts to use in Uran. Before we go, I go to the firing range for every single weapon I'm going to show you, and I make sure that these weapons perform as best as possible for you guys.

Everything is tested, and if you use these guns, you are going to perform.

Mcw (acr)

And just a quick disclaimer: for every weapon I'm going to show you. I'm going to use a different optic just so I can show you all the possible choices and what optics are going to be meta and really good to use, and since I already mentioned Optics Coronin.


Msp2, it has that beautiful blue dot, and you can see this blue dot in action. It looks absolutely wonderful, but what about the class setup for the muzzle? We're going to use the VT7 suppressor, which removes us from the radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range. In version 2.0, there was literally no need to use a suppressor because you always stayed off the mini map.

Now this has changed back to the original war zone. If you want to stay off the radar, you need to use the suppressor, and I think this year's VT7 suppressor is going to be the way to go for the barrel. We're going to use the SL crater heavy barrel for the recoil control, aiming in the wayway and gun in control, and combining these two attachments with this underbarrel, the Kimura vertical grip makes this gun almost have a negative recoil.

I'm going to show you in just a bit, but for the final attachment, I've used the 40-round mag because I just don't like the look of the 60-round mag. You can use the 60; if you play squads, I recommend the 60; if you play solos and duos, I think you'll be okay with the 40-round mag. So first, I'm going to show you the recoil pattern because this guy gun has no horizontal reco, which is pretty.

Importantly, that gun only goes up; it goes a little bit on the left side, but it's not anything noticeable at all. Take a look at this, Gun. You see that this gun has almost negative recoil, like I said, and if you compare MW3 guns to last year's MW2, those guns had a big recoil, and not only that, those guns have that annoying gun smoke this year with MW3 energ stand gun smoke is basically gone, but in today's loadout article.

I'm going to strictly focus on the new MW3 guns. MW2 guns are going to get updated, of course, to remove that gun smoke because, if MW2 guns still have gun smoke and MW3 doesn't, nobody's going to use the old guns as simple as that, but anyway, let's move on to the second AR that's going to be meta in Uran, and that is the hogar 556.

Holger 556

Holger 556

For the muzzle, we're going for the same suppressor vt7, to stay off the mini map for the recoil control bullet velocity and damage range Creo 6 match for the barrel for the bullet velocity range recoil control and gun King control.

And now instead of the underbarrel, I went for the rear grip, more 20-grip Flinch resistance recoil control, and gun King control. 40-round mag is the maximum magazine size, so make sure you equip that, and now for the optic session. We're going to use the MK3 reflector. It's a very popular optic in multiplayer, and it gives that advanced Warfare style of optic, but anyway, the gun itself is really easy to control; it hits like a truck; it looks good; and what more do you want?

Anyway, these two ARS. I think, are going to dominate in the early stages of War Zone, but now we are moving on to close-range weapons, the SMG C category with a striker and the Rival 9, aka the CX9.



But first off, for the striker in the mule category, I only use the Shadow Strike suppressor to stay on the mini map; there are no other prawns and no cons.

Other suppressors on the list always give you something as a con, like recoil control ads. We don't want that for the SMG, but we need to make sure to stay off the mini map, so we are using this suppressor for the barrel. We're going to use the striker stubby barrel for sprint to fire speed, aiming walking speed, aiming walking steadiness, and movement speed.

Basically, everything you want from an SMG for the laser is the same thing everything you want aim, walking steadiness, ad speed, and sprint to fire speed. For the ammunition, I use auto-high-grain rounds for bullet velocity and damage range as well. For the magazine section, this gun by default has a 30-round mag, which is not enough to be competitive.

A 20-round mag, even a lower 48-round mag, is ideal, in my opinion, because a 60-round mag gives you minus ads, minus reload quickness, and minus movement speed. So I think 48-round mag is a sweet spot, and this striker, in my opinion, is going to be the best meta SMG in Nike. The iron science of this gun looks so good, in my opinion, but in case you don't like it, I would suggest removing the ammunition.

And choose any optic of your choice and take a look at this.

Rival-9 (cx9)

Rival-9 (cx9)

Gun, absolute perfection, but Now we're going to move to another meta SMG, and by the look of this gun, you might remember it as the CX9 for the original war zone, and now it's called the Rival 9, and we're going to use the barrel that I've always used in the original war zone; it has that integrated suppressor in it, so it's basically two attachments in one you stay of the mini map Reco control and gun King control, and this Barrel gives that it gives that iconic CX9 look for the end barrel.

I went for the ftac hand stop for even more vertical recoil control, gun control, and even movement speed, so basically, this is ideal under the barrel for the SMG for the laser, just as the striker ads speed and spr to fire speed for the magazine section. You can go with the 40-round mag. I chose 50.

It's just a personal preference because, honestly. I always used a 50-round mag in the original Warson, and now, for the final attachments. I equipped the MTZ. Mara under stock, or whatever is pronounced okay gun. King controls aiming idle sway and firing aiming stability, and if we take this gun to the firing range, you will see how good this gun actually is.

If I compare it to the striker, this gun moves a bit more than the striker; the striker doesn't move at all, but this gun is really easy to control. Fast-fire rate iron sights are good, but in case you don't like them, I will remove the stock and again go with the optic of your choice. This. I think, is going to be the best meta-class setup for the CX9, and I think both Striker and the CX9 are going to be in everyone's loadouts in like the first month or so, but now I'm going to move on to probably.

Bruen mk9

Bruen mk9

One of the weapons I'm most excited about is the big comeback of the Bru MK9. And now for the optics action.

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