News - Act 3 Fully Story Mission (warzone 2 Zombies)

act 3

Load and defend it at all costs. Whatever you do, we will destroy it. I don't care how many lives are lost for BYO sleders; these troops better fight harder than the ones who lost my enrichment facility for [__] sake. Z, just let me do my job; it's on the side. Take him to the brick green. They will get the interrogation started.

They sign a Zak. He may be bloodied, but he's still breathing. Next time he sticks his head up, I'll take it off. What about the neutralizer? What's the CP? Give me some good news. Negative initials are clear on detonation, but dark ether contacts are repopulating and picking up an energy spike in the Red Zone.

I never saw anything like it. Well, it looks like this [__] show just keeps getting better and better. Everyone RTP looks like this off isn't going to be over anytime soon. Bang gra enough, ready to go back. Sol copy stand by ETA

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