News - Warzone 2 Zombies - This Weapon Shreds Tier 3 Zombies. How To Get Fast Containment Levels Season 2

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There are several weapons and zombies that can make the game easier, and in this article. Discord in the description if you need any help. The under-map glitch is still working, and this one is quite fun to use in zombies. Head to this location on the map, and you'll need to go prone where I do and crawl in, backwards.

If you get stuck, just look up and down and left and right until it lets you crawl right underneath the ledge. If you have a scorcher, you can also reach other locations under the map. There's not much purpose to glitching into here in Zombies, but it's pretty fun to explore around and kill the zombies without taking any damage.

If you use the scorcher to do the Superman glitch, then you can reach the edge of the water, which will allow you to reach other glitch spots, and you can even farm the xfill from underneath. When you are out, just enter a nearby vehicle or mantle onto any rock or ledge to get out of it. Glitch, if you're wanting to unlock the nuke skin, Mastery Camos, or even schematics, then you'll want to check out my sponsor, Mitch Acis.


They offer safe and legitimate services for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and they also offer instant delivery on pre-made accounts. Most players run SMGs and assault rifles when playing zombies, but my go-to weapon is this amazing handgun. This isn't the best boss killer in the game, but it's perfect at taking out a bunch of zombies.

Quickly, this is the WSP stinger, and it is currently the most powerful handgun in the game. The FTAc Siege is also an amazing weapon, and I might include that build in a future article. Handguns are perfect for the red zone due to the increased mobility you get, allowing you to run circles around it.

Zombies, the one main item you will need to make this weapon good is the mags for holding. It runs out of ammo so fast that you spend more time reloading than shooting, but if you don't have the mags for holding, you can use the speed cola perk. With the weapon upgraded once and the mags of holding equipped, you can take out Tier 2 zombies without much.

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Problems: upgrading to Pack-A-Punch 2 will make it even more deadly, allowing you to take out zombie hordes with no sweat, but keep in mind that perks like Deadshot Daki will increase this weapon's killing. Power: once it's fully upgraded, you can start boss hunting, but you will use a lot of ammo if you try to take down an Abomination.

Once it's fully upgraded, you can start farming Tier 3 contracts, but you can earn faster containment. Levels achieved by farming Tier 2 Bounty Contracts This weapon will quickly take out any tier 2 bosses, and its mobility will help you stay alive even with low-level armor. The loot in Tier 2 can sometimes be better than the loot in Tier 3, but it's pretty random every game, and quite often I get horrible loot no matter what contract I use.

If you're wondering how this Stinger does in the dark ether, the answer is quite well. You can move fast, which can really help during the Outlast contract, and it's great at taking out groups of zombies, but just watch out for the bosses since they are bullet sponges when using this.

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