News - Warzone 2 Zombies - New Tombstone Duplication Glitch / Solo Or Team / Unlock Schematics & Keep Tombstone

cod glitch

Grab a medium backpack from a tier one bu station or just loot to find one, and if you have a tombstone already set up, then make sure you loot everything from it until it crumbles. If you don't know how to do the Tombstone glitch, then you can check out the article in the description, which shows you a few different methods.

You'll also want to check out my sponsor. Once you're ready for the dark ether, use the blood burner key and drive the bike to the same location I do on the map, and make sure your whole squad is. There, have your teammates stand near the out-of-bounds and have the player with the scorcher and sigil get onto the bike, then drive the bike onto the water and stay on the water all the way to the red.

Zone, Park the bike at the same location I do and then head up to the dark Ether Portal, and this is where the scorcher can come in real. Handy now; just activate the portal and then quickly head back to the bike. At this point, make sure only one teammate votes. Yes, drive the bike back onto the water and then quickly get off of it and then get back on it.


If you fail to get back on the bike in time, it will teleport without you, and you'll need to return to your teammates and try again. The sigil you use will reappear inside your inventory, allowing you to use it again. Make sure you are fast when getting off the bike and getting back onto it. It Once you get teleported, get off the bike and vote.

Yes, then all squadmates will need to run into the Out of Bounds at the exact same time when the timer hits 7 or 6 seconds. If you all do it at the right time, then you will all be eliminated at the same time, and your tombstone will appear in the next match. Then just load into the dark ether like normal, and you should keep all your weapons and.

You'll see a tombstone in the next game, and it will be at the cemetery. It will contain all the items you had before going into the dark ether. If you do this with three players, then one of the players may randomly lose their Tombstone, and this glitch also works best if all players are on the same gaming system.

Also, be sure to join our Discord if you need any help surviving in the dark ether.

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