News - Warzone 2 Solo Tombstone Glitch / Unlimited Money Glitch 2024 / Duplication Glitch (warzone 2 Zombie Glitches)

best mw3 glitch

You can also buy one at a Tier 3 buying station, and it'll cost $10,000. You can also complete contracts in Tier 3 to earn fast money, and you may get lucky and receive a large backpack as a reward. Check out the article in the description showing you the best way to do these contracts quickly. You can also instakill the storm caller by driving next to him and leading him outside of the storm.

Every time he dies, he drops 1, 000 Essence and a skull worth 5K, including some other high-level items like large backpacks and three-plated vests. He won't always follow you out of the storm, but just keep trying, and he will eventually respond instantly, meaning you can farm this method until you have all the essence that you have.

When you are ready, go buy the tombstone perk, which can be found in random locations around the map. Before I go further, if you're wanting to hard-unlock Modern Warfare 3 Mastery camos or play in bot lobbies where you can quickly level up and unlock camos, then check out Mitch {424}. They are the biggest and most reliable sellers with a lot to offer, and their surface works on all systems.

Now that you have the tombstone perk, a large backpack, and all the items you want to do, focus on making Mak more essence or ask another player to drop some for you.

Best tombstone location

Best tombstone location

Cranes are a great way to get around, so I like setting up my Tombstone right here on the map, which is very close to the portal I use to dup my items.

Setting up tombstone

Once your backpack is full of items and Essence gets down and bleeds out, leave the match. You will lose your guns and gear, but all the backpack items will stay inside your backpack.

Tombstone, once back in the lobby, selects the store. Mission with an xfill like the Act 4 Mission Bad Signal, then go to the tombstone and loot all of your items from it until it's completely destroyed. You will never need to buy another Tombstone perk again unless you plan on setting up a new Tombstone.

This same Tombstone will be available in every single game as long as you do the no XO glitch in every single match. To do that, you will need to head over to the Act 4 portal, activate the portal, open the TAC map, and vote. Yes, when you see the warping animation, close the game. The timing may be different for PCs, but I think you close the game when the screen goes black.

When you restart the game and head into zombies, you will see all your items from the tombstone schematics and camos cannot be unlocked using the portal glitch, but I'll show you how to unlock those.

Bypass stash limit

Bypass stash limit

Later You can now stick all backpack items into your stash by swapping them with a reward item, then just unequip the reward item and continue doing that to fill up your stash. The maximum is 250, but stash items may randomly disappear when you go over 40 items, so it's best not to let your stash get too full.

Unlock camos & schematics

If you're playing zombies for camos, then use the normal Xville to unlock them, and this also works for schematics.

Dark aether tombstone

This can be very useful for anyone farming inside the dark ether since no specific timing is required, but you will need a friend to revive you. Sadly, this will not work as a duping method since most items in your backpack will disappear when you expel them, but it's a nice way to complete missions and still keep your.

Unlimited xp tombstone

Unlimited xp tombstone

Tombstone if you get down with no one around to revive you, all you need to do is close the game. You will lose your gear and weapons, but the items in your Tombstone will be available to use in the next game.

This means you can go into every game, drop items for people, and then just close the game. You will lose your gear each time, but since you can buy anything you want for the next match, it doesn't really matter. You will keep any XP you earn in the match, whether you kill or not, so you can use this glitch to farm weapon XP and rank XP and just close the game to keep your Tombstone forever.

Under map tombstone

If your tombstone appears below the map, empty your backpack and go buy a tombstone perk. Get down, bleed out, and then leave the game and do this for two games in a row. The third time you go into the game, set up your backpack with the items and essence you want, and then do the Tombstone glitch, and it should appear where you died.

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