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All right, game changers Welcome back to another article here today. Today we've got an intriguing topic that's been on basically everybody's mind, especially for those of us who have been playing Call of Duty for some time now. We all know there's one thing that really sets Call of Duty apart from any other game, especially multiplayer games out there, and that is kill streaks.

It's a question that has been buzzing right now, especially in the gaming community, and we're here to unravel that mystery breakdown. Why are they so useless? Okay, so let's set the stage here because in the gaming world, especially Call of Duty, kill streaks have been a staple. In enhancing the players's experience, it's what makes it fun; it incentivizes you to get kill streaks right to go on streaks without dying and get more kills than dying, and it is a reward system, and that's what triggers in our brains to go on these long kill streaks.


It's fun, you know, and kill streaks getting more kills on top of you getting kills just makes the game that much more enjoyable, but something just seems off in Modern Warfare 2023, or Modern Warfare 3. To understand why kill streaks feel useless, we need to dissect their design because, in the past, kill streaks were literally game changers, but they have become victims of their own success, it seems, because developers might unintentionally balance them to maintain quote-unquote fairness and look like somebody who has enjoyed Call of Duty throughout the years I've enjoyed.

Great streaks—that's what makes it fun and rewarding for us, and we want better streaks in the game, but if you make these kill streaks, quote, unquote Fair doesn't really provide that fun factor, and I believe killstreaks have a lot to do with the fun factor in Call of Duty. Now that I get it. I might understand where G developers are coming from, because, to be fair, maybe they're trying to create a fair competitive environment because killstreaks were too overpowered, which could lead to frustration among players.

I get all that, but at the same time, that's not what the Call of Duty Community wants, and we cannot ignore the voice of the community and what they want because, at the end of the day, these are the players who are buying your game year after year and giving you some feedback, so you have to listen to that feedback.

mw3 killstreaks are horrible

Their feedback matters, and some of the most common complaints and suggestions from players regarding kill streaks are that they need to be. Overpowered they need to be good people and need to be incentivized for going on streaks so they can earn streaks that do something, not be shot down right away, not be useless, and not do anything; otherwise, what's the point of them?

You're godamn right because, believe it or not, I'm actually enjoying Modern Warfare 3. I know that's probably the most popular opinion out there, but I think it's an improvement from Modern Warfare 2. I believe the player movement in multiplayer does feel a lot better, but the thing that downplays it are the kill streaks because they're just not powerful.

mw3 needs to fix this now

I mean, in a Reddit post, one user named CBB, 0722, said something needs to be done about streaks being shot down almost instantly. I was playing meet 24/7 for a long while yesterday, and every time myself or a teammate called in an air streak UAV count OverWatch Hilo Vall Chopper Gunner, it was shot down in a matter of seconds, sometimes even before it could get a kill.

8 kill, 10 kill, and 12 kill streaks should not be getting one kill or two kills before being shot down. Now, with the new EMP launcher, the storm ender uavs and counter uavs can be shot down in seconds, and it can also instantly destroy cruise missiles. All in all, most streaks used against competent enemies are practically useless, and something needs to be done about it.

Another player pointed out that streaks used to be scary. Most expect Sledgehammer Games to make changes to give kill streaks greater resistance against enemies. I mean, I can remember how scary they used to be because you already knew your team was getting wrecked or was about to get wrecked, enemy.

The above hostile canine unit in your AO should be advised of hostile swarms inbound. These were just a few of the many Kill streaks out there that brought sheer terror and honestly made you step up your game or at least bunk for cover because you knew it was going to go down, and as of right now.

I feel like the ground streaks are more of a viable option than the air streaks because air streaks are even being shot down not just by launchers but by regular guns, and that is so pathetic that you can use regular guns that don't even require you to put your whole magazine into them and they're being taken out just like that before it used to take forever.

To take down air streaks and it would mean something that means they would actually put in work and people would actually choose to equip them nowadays people are just choosing to go with the lower streaks because first of all they're obtainable because it's already, in this thick skill-based matchmaking climate a little bit easier to obtain and even then they're able to actually do something versus these longer streaks that are useless nowadays and the ground streaks are better because you can't even shoot them down but honestly something seriously needs to be done about these killstreaks because the way that they're going right now nobody even wants to use them and guess what that is the fun in Call of Duty The fun part about Call of Duty has always been since the beginning.

These kill streaks, and it's very iconic; you know, no other game has been able to kind of recreate that formula that Call of Duty has, and I think kill streaks score streaks. These are the things that have made Call of Duty what it has become today, but anyway, what do you guys think should happen?

Should they do better? With that being said, this is a GCP signing.

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