News - Warzone 2 Glitches New Solo Glitch On Farm 18 How To Get On Top Of Map Easy Method Out Of Map Spot

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So you need to come to this area of the map on Farm 18. You need to have one deployable cover and place it in this area. As you can see here, you have some latches you can stand on, and I'm going to show you how you can stick between those barriers to elevate on top of the map you need to place a shield pretty far off the way in this place, then throw a loadout drop against your shield.

It will deploy in this area on the bench. Okay, as you can see here, you have some barriers where you need to get stuck. You're going to wait when your care package arrives. Your loader's drop lands this way. A little bit searching, but as you can see here. I am already stuck between those two barriers, so if you don't get Elevate, jump out of it again, stand on top of the highest point on your loadout drop, and then shoot.

Play a little bit with it then, but I guarantee you it will work for sure. Okay, so I stand on top of my loadout drop, and I'm going to jump and shoot, or shoot so I can get stuck, as you can see here. I only need to spare my jump button to get on top of the map on the barrier on Farm 18. From here, you can discover a lot of spots, as you can see in this article further away.

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I, for example, try to jump on the crane. There are some places where you can stand, but I also fall off of the crane, and after that, I try to glitch again, and it works again directly, so it's a constant method. you need to play a little bit around with it you need to get the hang of it a little bit but follow my steps.

Basically, you need to have a loadout drop that is at a specific angle and then stand on top of the highest point of your loadout drop jump, shoot the loadout drop, and because of the yeah how you say that the vibration of the loadout drop, it will push you between barriers. You can get the stock in a lot of spots where you get half a breach; it works on both spots or more maps.

I hope you all enjoy this glitch drop. A comment and a like will make my day. Maybe we can hit 25 likes on this one, and if you want to see some more glitches on the new map, that is going to happen.

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