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Well, it's clear across the map. Rustman 24/7 is back, so grab some decoy grenades and put them into your favorite loadout before heading into the match. Avoid Team Deathmatch, but the other game modes will work just fine. Low-level score streaks like UAV and Counter UAV can also give additional XP, so go for as many kills as you can to get the best XP possible.

Remember to use the decoys and the D dolls as often as you can to earn easy weapons and rank. Before I go further, if you're looking to unlock the new Modern Warfare 3 camos and play bot lobbies where you can level up fast and unlock anything you want, then check out Mitch {431}. They are the biggest and most reliable sellers, with a lot to offer, and their service works on all systems.

Item dupe glitch

Item dupe glitch

Many of us log into zombies to get our tombstone, only to find out it's about 10 minutes away to reach it quickly. Just loot to find valuables and then sell them at a nearby buy-in station. You will need $1, 000 in Essence in total, and then head to the nearest portal location, which is located right here inside.

Bunker If you shoot the bird, the fishing hook, and the arrow, then the portal will teleport you all the way down to D6, and this will be the new location we will be sticking to. Tombstone Sometimes you may find a few level two zombies here, but they're extremely rare, and this location can be found right here on the map, so grab the items from your old tombstone and then grab the tombstone.

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Once you have all the essence you want and all the items are in your backpack, you need to get down, hold on, give up, and then leave. Match, when you go into the next game, your tombstone will appear where you died with all your items and Essence, so collect 1K Essence, then head to the nearest portal location so you can warp over to the tombstone.

Once you memorize the icons you need to shoot and all the portal locations, it will be a breeze to reach your tombstone in every In the game. I usually spawn 1, 000 miles away from my tombstone, but you may get lucky and spawn right next to it, so portals won't always be useful for you. To dup items, game after game, loot everything from the tombstone until it crumbles, then head to Act 4.

Portal: everyone can equip this mission, so make sure you select it before going into the match, then activate the portal, open the TAC map, and vote. Yes, when the warping animation begins, close the game. If you're on PC, you'll want to close the game when the screen goes black right after the warping animation ends, then restart the game and head back into zombies.


You will keep all the items from your Tombstone, and your Tombstone will be available in the next match, meaning you can do this over and over again every game. You can swap backpack items with reward items to fill the stash limit past 10, but I don't like going past 50.

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