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Rip Modern Warfare 2 for the record. I've been looking forward to this article since September 2022. Last year, when I played Modern Warfare 2's beta. I said things like the weapon progression, slower clunkier movement, revamped perk system. UI map design, and many other things were going to lead to a disaster of a game.

Safe to say. I was right because as each season dropped loaded with more content, micro DLC, and reskin content you had already bought, it was clear Modern Warfare 2 was nothing more than a quick cash grab utilizing nostalgia in the name of one of the franchise's most successful and beloved games to sell copies, not to mention the fact that the lead Studio Infinity Ward's questionable decision-making led to them being unwilling to fix dick when feedback was given to them.

Let's also not forget that this game cost a whopping $250 million to make, and all that for a product that's equal to the product that was being put out by the Mets. You know what that looked like on opening day, and here's the first pitch, and the season's over. The campaign does offer a few hours of fun.


Some may say it's great, but if you boil down the story, it's basically about how this [__] lost nukes and attempts to cover it up in sub missions can provide you with some sort of entertainment, whether that be the action of the second to last mission where everyone becomes a ghost barf a stealth.

Mission, featuring Troy Bolton, looks alike. So navigate the shadow-filled streets and use everything at your disposal, so that way you can link up with a new joke. Master Ghost and two goldfish are in a tank. One turns to the other and says, You know how to drive this thing? Little Army humor, or maybe a mission That's basically a driving simulator up to you at one point.

infinity ward sucks

I called this campaign a Marvel movie but in the form of a Call of Duty game mainly because of its intro action set pieces weak villains besides a couple and characters seemingly doing risky things only for said risk to result in none of the main characters dying or when someone, does die you don't believe it because they're going to need that character to profit off the player base with but then I realized it's more like a fast and furious movie because of its big action set pieces weak villains characters doing, seemingly risky things only to have said risk result in none of the main characters dying and even when they do, regardless of it being a villain or one of our heroes, you know they're coming back because they always do.

Alex Cormac and Graves returning in season 5 are just the ones that pop into my head. Also, the two boss battles in the game are extremely underwhelming and actually make you feel like you wasted all of your time because, by the end, it kind of feels like the big villain Hanan that you kind of brought up multiple times in the early part of the game, they go yeah, he exists, we got to go finish that in a further drive home.

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In the whole Fast and Furious thing, you have an entire cut scene that shows everyone sitting around a bar that eventually hints at the game's next big villain. They may not say it in this story, but it's literally one word away from being a full-blown Fast and Furious Ripoff. What's the word? Run, stay out here, and come on, let's talk about it.

modern warfare 2 2022 ruined me

I like that. Well, I wasn't in that kind of co-op campaign or specops you continue to do and eventually give up on. I played it twice, once when my character glitched out and it wouldn't let me turn around. The second time was to actually experience the mode, which led to the most boring 20 minutes of my life.

Next to watching Transformers, the last night I walked out of DMZ, which is just a war zone with more bots and fewer players. I really thought we'd get some sort of crafting system based on the solo mission gameplay in the campaign. Some people seem to enjoy it, but I think it's just a very vanilla version of what could have been raids.

modern warfare 2 broke me

I never played because I never got enough tokens to actually play it or had friends that were willing to play Modern Warfare 2 post-launch. It always looked cool, but from the cut scenes I watched, I went, Why wasn't this the campaign? The multiplayer on the surface is typical Call of Duty multiplayer; you have a series of maps, custom classes, and a ranking system, but when you look at the multiplayer a bit deeper, you find that the maps are horribly designed and feel more like mazes with nice, campy corners, a ranking system that feels unrewarding due to the lack of prestige to add challenge, and a custom class system that is an absolute disaster.

The perk system, I kind of understood. I feel like they just did this so that way it was more balanced for players that weren't as good, and they tried to eliminate some of those ghost, ninja kind of perks that were in the Tier 3 area, making for more balanced gameplay throughout the match. I'm not saying it's good by any means, but it's something that I kind of understood where they were coming from.

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They could have easily fixed it, but they never did. The new custom-class system we received was a new way of unlocking weapons and attachments. For example, let's say you want to use the MP5. The lockman sub who cares you would need to use a SIG 556 and get it to a certain rank; that way, you can unlock the MP5.

mw2 broke me

But let's say you wanted to use a certain Red Dot, so if you wanted said Red Dot and you wanted it for your MP5, you would potentially need to use, let's say, an M10 in order to unlock said Red Dot site, which means you'd have to grind through your M10 just to unlock a Red Dot site. Granted The leveling isn't that high in comparison to other Call of Duty duties, but it's just the fact that you have to use a gun that you probably were anticipating using.

Look at why the system exists. You want players to use all the weapons in the game instead of not using them at all, but by doing this, you eliminate the player's choice to not use a certain set of weapons that they may not feel comfortable with or allow them to organically jump into a certain set of weapons.

mw2 sucks

Personally, as a player who's played every Call of Duty since the wheel was invented, I've always started the game's multiplayer. Using weapons I feel comfortable with, like ARS SMGs and maybe an LMG here and there. I like to work at my own pace since I have an entire year to work on the snipers and shotguns, but this system seems to force me to use other weapons, and it just turns this entire progression system into more of a chore.

They do this with the camo grind, but I honestly don't mind that because most of the camos are pretty decent with the AR and SMG tiers, so I don't feel like I'm getting robbed. The launch and postlaunch content was underwhelming, with each season being nothing more than remasters and reskined content from previous titles that you had already bought.

The days of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 are finally coming to an end. As this Friday we will be seeing the release of its DLC Modern Warfare 3.
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