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In this article, I'll show you the quickest way to rank up quickly and max out your battle pass. Hardcore shipment is still the best way to get Camos fast, and it's really great for weapon xped. My favorite mode is Drop Zone since you can grab score streaks that can help you earn a ton of XP, and you can get decent XP just for playing the objective.

Ive, throw out decoys every time you respawn for extra XP and try to get as many kills as possible. It's a good idea to spend the whole game going to the objective if you want the best XP since most people seem to leave the crates alone, making it a really good way to rank easier. If you want the nuke skin pre-made accounts or maybe some camos, then check out Mitch {307}.

You can use their bot lobbies for quick camo unlocks and max out all your weapons. They even offer raid services, which include all the raid rewards.

Xp 2

Xp 2

off Co-op is a nice way to level the battle pass and earn decent weapon XP, and you can check that article out in the description.

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DMZ is another good PVE source for weapon XP and battle pass tokens. Head to Almaz and go into the Koshi complex, then run around, opening up all the bunker doors you can find to earn 2,000 XP for each door.

This can be done completely solo, and I'll leave a map in the description that might help you out. Bots are all over the complex, and they can be farmed for easy XP. I recommend a shotgun to take them out quicker, and if you are on PlayStation, turning off crossplay almost guarantees you will be the only player in the complex.

Bots continuously respond, making this a very effective way to earn XP, and just keep killing them as you head from door to door with a pile of cash to earn even more XP. And just keep doing this game after game to rank up fast and earn a ton of perks. Plunder is a very good way to level up, and it's best to play with Squad Field turned on.

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You can revive a friend over and over again in Plunder if you are after easy weapon XP. You earn 200 XP every time you revive someone, and you can both take turns doing this to max out your weapon. This is currently the quickest way to earn weapon XP, and I recommend double XP. Token contracts are another great way to earn XP and plunder, and the best one to farm is the most wanted contract.

Simply loot items to reduce the timer, and you'll complete the contract in no time. You'll get almost 6, 000 XP for every most wanted contract you complete, and you can spend the money at a buy station for even more XP if you don't care about it. Winning Make sure you are wielding the weapon you want to level up.


When you complete a contract, the balloon glitch might even help you win the game. Try placing it indoors to glitch it out, and then place it outside. You can then place it back inside to glitch it out again, and this will let you use the same balloon for the whole game. The more contracts your team completes, the more XP you get, so don't waste time going for kills.

We came in second place, and half the team wasn't even trying, so if you had a good team, you could easily win every match. Match plunder is great for weapon XP and battle passes. Lockdown is obviously the best choice for Anank XP. Simply loot to find munition boxes and start throwing out decoys.

You can also do the dupe glitch to get an unlimited amount of decoys, but it might just be quicker to loot for them since the gas moves around quite a bit. Just keep looting munition boxes so that you can fill up your backpack full of decoys. For XP, you should be able to get over 50k XP per game, and if you have a double XP token, you can even hit 150k XP every match.

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The best tactic is to capture a zone with a backpack full of decoys since this is the best way to get the most XP, but just watch out for others. Players Hopefully this one helps you guys out, and we have more articles coming up soon, so be sure to subscribe so you never miss out, and that's all for now.

I'm always looking for new glitches that everyone can use! Whether it's MW2 Camo Glitches, Unlimited Xp Glitches, or DMZ glitches, no glitch is too small if it can help someone.
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