News - This " Godly " Smg Beats Anything Warzone 2. 0. Best Pdsw 528 Setup & Tuning

Singuard mkv

Singuard mkv

In the middle, I wanted something that gave you pretty good recoil control but also gave you bullet velocity and damage range, because that is where this gun excels. It is going to be amazing for those long-range gunfights, so not for the tuning in the muzzle, we're going to go ad speed to the max, and then we're going to go bullet velocity to the max as well.

Next up, we are going to run a barrel on this one, and that's going to be the 17 quarters, which is going to be this one right here, giving us bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and also okay fire accuracy, but again more focused on that long-range gunfight. So for the tuning, we're going to go with the aim blocking speed, and then for the bottom part, we're not going to go with the adp; we're actually going to go with that damage range, and again, both of these things, the muzzle and the barrel, will just surprise you on how easy it is to beam people from long range.

Next up, we're going to go for the underdog, and we're going to go with this one with the FSS shark [FN.

Fss sharkfin 90

And the reason is because it doesn't have any cons, and one of the things I like is that we're going to tune we're gonna go with the ads speed here to the max, and we're going to add the aim walking speed.

So, this one doesn't slow your weapon down, but it only gives you those good a bit the good pros to go ahead and move your weapon a lot faster, so I definitely do like this one.

7mw canted laser

7mw canted laser

Next up, we're gonna go with the laser, and I love my Canton laser on this one; it just makes it feel amazing on this gun, so we're gonna go with a seven-milliwatt canted laser, and then we're just gonna go with the last one again to make it just a little bit faster; we're gonna go with the rear grip, and it's going to be the Bruin.

Q900. We're going to go ahead and tune this as well, just for speed, so ads, speed, and then sprint to Fire To The Max as well, and ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be the class setup. Trust me, it is going to be amazing. The fire rate on this gun is so good that it just feels amazing in this game.

It is going to be a little bit on the slower side, but like I said, you will be amazed at how far you can beam people with this SMG. Enjoy, *

best p90 loadout warzone 2.0 mw2

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