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Pro vaznev 9k class setup

Pro vaznev 9k class setup

So I saw the requests for the pro-class setups here in Modern Warfare 2, so that's exactly what we're going to be covering here in the next couple of articles. We have the pro vaznev today, and this thing's an absolute laser beam. You gotta understand that the pros don't use things like suppressors, laser sights, or ammunition types like extended bags, so you are limited, and you can make changes based upon your play style if you don't like the build.

What this build does is have a very decent damage range with very good aim down sight and movement speed, so, honestly, it's an SMG, and the way they have it built out is definitely for an SMG. Let's get going through this here. We're going to start with the rear grip, where I have the demo X2 that's going to give you recoil and control now, but what we're doing here is tuning it to aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed, so in a way it's like you have the True Tech and the demo built into one now that we have a rear or stock grip.

best vaznev 9k class

I apologize for the mark. The Eve R7 stock is for crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down sight speed; obviously, those are a bunch of positives while running in SMG, and you're going to tune that to aim down sight speed and aim walking speed for the barrel of SA Response 3. It's going to give you bullet velocity, recoil control, damage range, and hip fire accuracy.

This is basically what I was talking about; it has a decent effective damage range. The re-quil control is what gives you that ability to take the longer-range fights, but I would still recommend keeping it in the close-range engagements just because of the assault rifles being extremely strong in this game.

For the muzzle, we have the Lacerta compensator to cover the horizontal recoil control, which is something that's very easy to control whether you notice you're doing it or not. Down on the stick is actually quite easy; honestly, horizontal is an easy task, though on the other hand, it is not, so that means covering the horizontal, especially with an SMG, is going to be of the utmost importance, and we're going to be tuning that one to aim down sight speed and idle stability, finishing us off here with an underbelly FSS shark fin 90.

We have zero cons to running us, and it covers aiming for idle stability, which isn't a huge thing there; it really doesn't even touch the statistics. But what we can do with this is add recoil stabilization and aim for walking speed; there's basically no negative there, so that's kind of why we're choosing that one over the rest.

Let's slide over to that now, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Vaznev 9k gameplay

Vaznev 9k gameplay

All right, you guys asked for some pro-class setup, so I'm here to deliver. We're going to be using the Vasnav. We are on Farm 18, and honestly, I'm not a massive fan of this map. They need to figure out what they're doing with these hills. There are like nine objectives on this map for hardpoints.

They need to bring that back. They need to have it at, you know, a nice, solid number, maybe nine. I guess I mean nothing. I was about to say nine, but that's, like, kind of crazy. You know, exiting the A.O.E. I thought that was a teammate. I'm kind of playing like a bot. We're going to see what we can do here.

It looks like they've got people running around with dual pistols and knives and stuff, so not the easiest task lies ahead of me here

best vaznev 9k class mw2

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