News - The Overpowered 1 Burst M16 Class Warzone 2 Season 3. Meta(best "m16" Class Setup. Tuning)

1 burst m16 mw2

Today we're checking out a brand new M16 class item to use here in Modern Warfare's upcoming method, Ms. 16s, and one of my favorite ARS to use here. Modern Warfare 2, with the huge buff it did get with the last couple updates, is definitely one of the top superior ARS in the game, bringing the M16 back to the OG form that it once was.

Drop a like for today's article, all right? super This is M16, Alpha. Secure so, on the carbon shroud, we have barely enough readiness and damage range. I'm gonna silent fire suppressor, and that has no experience. We have a 45-round Mag East M1 Pro update that has no tombs; it can get on the ravaged eight stock as well; it's over 80 downside speed; and it has aim idle stability.

This is my Season 3 M16. Bill, you've got to give this to me.

the OVERPOWERED 1 BURST M16 Class in MW2 Season 3METABest "M16" Class Setup Tuning. Today I show a overpowered m16 class in mw2 season 3. This class is one of my favorite m16 builds I made only because of the suppressor giving it that OG M16 feel.
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