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M16 class setup

M16 class setup

all right So in today's article, we're going to be revisiting the M16; obviously, there has not been any balance change since the beginning of season one of season one. But my setup seemed to improve as I did more investigating into certain attachments and, obviously, certain weapons. I think I have, without a doubt, found the best one-shot option for the M16 here.

best m16 class

Keep in mind that it's going to have some trade-offs, so it's not going to be a very fast-paced weapon. You're going to have an extremely slow but pretty slow aim-down sight speed, but as long as you're accurate, you're going to get nothing but one-burst kills. Make sure you're aiming high as always so you can get that headshot bonus, so we're going to start here with a muzzle ftech Castle compensator There are plenty of muzzles here that more or less do the same thing, as you can see from the horizontal and vertical recoil controls you're targeting, so if you don't have the Castle Comp unlocked you can try to find one that does something that is more or less identical there.

Pretty self-explanatory, Attachment Get some recoil control on the weapon for tuning. 0.11 toward your aim down sight speed plus 0.29 toward your gun kid control for the underbar. We have the lock. Precision, 40 grip It's Gonna Give You Hipfire Accuracy retreats, stunning listening, and walking steadiness I'm targeting that recoil and aiming with walking steadiness over the hip for accuracy.

It's probably not a weapon you want to walk around hip firing with, but what we can do here is tune it negative 0.28 toward your hip walking speed and negative 0.08 toward that aim down sight speed. Now we're going to have a stock where it is the Rage 8 for sprint speed, aim walking speed, crotch movement speed, and name down sight speed.

That's to make up for all of the loss there with the under barrel and the muzzle, so you do need to speed it up there for the tuning. We're going to have those two negative 1.55, towards your aim down sight speed, and plus 0.62, towards your aim idle stability, for an optic of the Cronin mini pro.

I would recommend sticking with any of the reflex options, whichever one you prefer, and the tuning will be exactly the same: negative 0.97 toward the aim-down sight speed and negative 2.25. Towards the end, finishing it off with the FSSO LED laser aimed outside speed, aiming stability, and sprinting to fire speed, the only con is going to be the laser visible while ads, which basically means you have zero cons to running that attachment, as always.

M16 gameplay

M16 gameplay

All right, let's use the M16 once again. The last time I made an M16 article, it was with the iron sights, and I personally prefer them. I'm more of a fan with the reflex sight, and we also learned some good news about the new

In this video I will be using the best class setup for the m16 in modern warfare 2 multiplayer. I have this built out for very low recoil which will make getting one burst kills extremely easy. Make sure to head into cod mw2 and use this one burst loadout now! Timecodes.
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