News - The "new" Best One Shot Sniper Class Setup Warzone 2

jgod victus

I got you guys with an intense gameplay using the MPCR. I broke my personal record on the new Ashika Island map, and using this gun was probably the most fun I've had on Warzone 2 yet. I'm not going to lie; I don't really enjoy this game that much, but I still play it. You know that's just how it goes.

You stay to the end for the attachments on tuning, and I'll catch you guys in the next article. Drop a comment and hit that "submit" button. Booyah is the original person I got this class setup from; he rocked pretty much the exact same setup as me. He ran the SPX 6x6 scope. I tried it out with the 6x6, and it wasn't for me.

I only run it with four attachments. If you guys are looking to change the scope, you could try changing the optic to the SPX 6x6, but I prefer the original optic for the barrel. We've got it tuned all the way up for damage range, and we don't mess with the other one. Trust me, this is what it is.

For the laser, we got it tuned all the way up for aiming walking steadiness and all the way up for aiming idle stability. For the stock, we've got the FSS Merck stock tuned all the way for walking steadiness and aiming idle stability. For the mag, we got the 300 Mag at Cindy because this is what causes the one shot.

jgod victus xmr

This is the most crucial attachment on the build. You have to have the incendiary for the sniper launcher. I know it's done, but we got it tuned all the way for damage range and all the way for bullet velocity. I hope you guys had a good one. Enjoy the game plan, and catch it in the next one.

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