News - The "meta" Fennec Build Warzone 2. Best Fennec 45 Class Setup & Tuning Mw2

best fennec 45 class

This is by far the best secondary weapon in the game after the pistols got nerfed. So let's go ahead and jump right into the setup.

Vlk lzr 7mw

Vlk lzr 7mw

So coming in with the first attachment for this metamorphic build, you're going to want to go with the VLK laser for that aim down side speed, aim stability, and sprint to fire speed, and for the second attachment , you're going to throw in a stock, and that's going to be the agile assault stock for that.

Agile assault-7 stock

Sprint speed, aim, walking speed Crouch, movement speed, and aim down sight speed are all important for tuning the stock, and you're going to want to max out aimwalking, steadiness, and aim walking speed so that you can pre-aim all those corners and buildings for the third attachment.

Fennec rubber grip

You're going to throw in a rear grip, and that's going to be the Finnick rubber grip for this print to fire and aim down sight speed, as well as for the tuning on the rear grip.

best fennec 45 class 2

You're going to leave the left bar exactly where it is, and then you're going to put the bottom bar on sprint to fire speed to have the maximum ads speed possible, and next up for the fitting, make sure you guys throw in the 45-round mag so that you don't run out of ammo too fast, especially if you're playing crews and quads.

Xten nexus grip

Definitely go with the 45-round mag, and coming in at the last attach it on the finish, you're going to throw on an underbarrow, and that's going to be the x10 Nexus underbarrel, for that aiming idle stability and recoil stabilization. And lastly, the tuning for the underbarrel: make sure you guys leave the left side bar exactly where it is, and for the bottom bar, tune it all the way to aim walking speed again for pre-aiming all those corners and War Zones too.

That is going to be the full metaphenomenon, the loadout that we dropped this insane War Zone 2 gameplay with. I'm going to go ahead and jump right into it, and I hope you guys enjoy throwing me out here. knocked on, CE one shot pushing in on me

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