News - The Best "zero Recoil" Dg-58 Lsw Class Warzone 3. Best Dg-58 Lsw Class Setup - Warzone 2

best 3 loadout

So today I got another Banger article for you guys, and as you guys know, last week Raven Softer released an update in War Zone 3 to ensure proper weapon balancing was in full effect. A lot of weapons received buffs and nerfs, and since then everyone's been running their own weapons trying to find that one meta, but one weapon that's not been talked about enough is the dg58.

LSW, and lmg. Be careful; if you drop into the AO, get on the ground or go underwater to avoid it. Detection, good kill marking the rest of that squad on your t m, enemy, stay low you've been enemy operators are tracking your location enemy destroyed use your to hunt down the rest of. I really hope you guys enjoyed it.

And before we head out. That being said, I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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