News - The Best M4 Class For "zero" Recoil Warzone 2( Best M4 Class Setup/loadout ) Mw2

Mad No matter how mad you get, never die back on somebody after they kill you, because nine times out of 10, if that person's good, they're going to kill your, ass, somebody on this roof right here, just trying to scope this. That I do this for real men, wrong with them. Boys. No Cap, about to get into the best M4 build on War Zone 2 Resurgence right now, got the Amop V4, just follow all my tunings and all my class setups, the attachment, that's all you got to do, got the high tower 20-in barrel tune in for that, go ahead and get that down.

I got the muzzle kodo heavy; I'll leave this up so y'all can take a screenshot. I got the ftag ripper under Barrel. Le this up as well for y'all for a couple seconds; y'all can pause it if you need to, and a 60-round mag, and if you want the SMG, I got the bass P build right here. Another great SMG shreds up close and gets the VK, Lzr, and laser; follow these tunas and pause it if you need to once again.

10 and a half-inch Brewing Typhon Typhoon Typhoon, however you say it doesn't matter, just use it; that's all you have to do. BR got that for the barrel 50 round drum, the Brewing flash grip. Take that down while you are at it. Go ahead and pause it if you need to. For those tunings, we got the Brewing Flash V4 stock.

Go ahead and get these tunes down. Pause it if you need to. I hope y'all boys have a good day. Peace out, man.

the BEST M4 Class for ZERO Recoil in Warzone 2 BEST M4 Class SetupLoadout MW2.
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