News - Stop " Using Rpk Warzone 2. 0. No Recoil Sakin Mg38 Setup & Tuning

best sakin mg38 loadout and tuning warzone 2.0

But I mean, you want a gun that also has absolutely no wait hold up, never mind. I thought somebody was listening all right, let me try. Continue that has absolutely no recoil, and I've got a good weapon for you, the second LMG, with absolutely no recoil. People are going to start saying, "Do you have Cronus?" You're going to tell them no, it's just a class from the band of brothers.

Let's jump right into this article, and it's a little special shout-out to my newest members, who give me a huge extra boost to the channel. You can become one for as little as 99 cents a month. So here it is, the LMG38. Now for the muzzle, we're going to start with the first one, which is going to be the Castovia DX.

We're going to go all the way here to the right-hand side of the Castopia DX90, giving us the best in recoil and control. We're going to go ahead and tune in Rico's smoothness to the max and then the bullet velocity to the max as well. Now we are going to be running a barrel on this one, which is going to be the Bruins, Silver Series, so it's going to be the one on the right hand side below the velocity damage range.

long range no recoil warzone 2.0

Recoil control in the key of fire accuracy are all added to this one barrel tuning. We are going to go with Regal's steadiness to the max, and damage ranges are a long-range weapon, so we are going to put it to the max. Now we are going to add another barrel to this one; it's going to be the Bruin, Warrior lmg, grip, which is going to be the one right here.

This one gives you idle stability aiming, walking instead in his Regal steadiness and a Regal stabilization. We're going to tune Ricoh's stabilization to the max. At AIM walking speed, we're going to be moving to the left side. Now, we're not going to be adding any lasers or anything like that, but we are going to be adding ammunition.

I did try to put something like a 3X or something like that, but the visual recoil was just a little bit too much. If you want those that feel—and by that I mean that you just have absolutely zero wrinkle—go ahead and choose this one, the monocle CT90. Trust me on this one; go ahead and tune in, and just put the ads speed here to the max hand side, ladies and gentlemen.

Enjoy this class setup. Trust me, you will love it. It is a

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