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Locked diary

Locked diary

what it is guys it is I obsess power AKA Jordan and Modern Warfare 3 season 1 has just been released, and with that, the zombie side of Call of Duty has just gotten a massive content update in the form of a main Easter egg. In today's article. I'm going to be showing you how to get all four main parts for this Easter egg so we're able to grab ourselves the new sigils and open up portals to the new Tier 4 area, the dark ether, where we're able to complete contracts and fight harder monsters to gain those very rare new schematics that we now find ourselves hunting for.

Now the Easter egg is going to require us to collect four parts. This is the first one here, lock D, and this is found inside of the rift reward after killing the main boss in the Act 4 Story Mission bad signal. And if you look in the top right-hand corner of the article. I'll have a link to my guide on how to complete this Easter egg, but once you have this piece that we need, we can move on to the next one.

Pill bottle

Pill bottle

The next item we're going to be going over to get an upgrade is the pill bottle. The first thing we're going to need for this is to have the brain rot ammo mod on our weapon, which you can see down in the bottom right-hand corner.

Pill bottle upgrade

When you zoom out until you get close to them, they will appear here on your mini map. We need to be looking for the purple portals, hopping inside of them, and then you'll see here that we have these different colored riffs. The number of riffs here will depend on how many of the quest items you have in your inventory.


And each color of those Rift represents a different difficulty so going inside of the green run this is the easiest, difficulty, and this is going to be inside of the tier one threat zone so when we go through the rift you're going to see that a certain item falls to the ground and we have a new purple colored contract on the map we need to go ahead and look for that Tac phone and go ahead and activate it now this is going to be a special contract that is part of the upgrade process, and once you guys have activated this contract it is going to take the item that you are upgrading for whatever portal that you went through out of your inventory so you can see here that the pill bottle is now gone, and I have another portal there cuz I have a dog Coller and we'll be getting to that in the next part of this article.

So now that we have made our way over to our Bounty, we're going to be head and dealing with them. There are three different types of enemies you'll fight while upgrading all of your weapons. This one we're dealing with, to upgrade The pill bottle is going to be the mimics; once you guys have it with them, it is going to give you a riff reward where you can grab out your gold pill bottle, so the gold one represents the upgraded version of the purple one, which is just a normal pool bottle, and you can see it here next to our Di that we got from completing the Act 4 Story Mission, so we now have two out of four and we can move on to the dog collar.

Dog collar

Dog collar

So to get the dog collar, what we want to do is run around the map like we would looking for ripped portals. Until we get this icon, this is the dog house icon, and just like the portals, they won't be icons on your map until you get into a certain proximity of them, and what we're going to be doing is putting this item into the dog house.

This is our tactical item. The thermite grenade You can use a Molotov; these are the only two that I know of that you can use so far. But you can use them from your inventory and your loadout if you don't want to find them, but you're going to put them in the dog house that's going to explode, you're going to kill the dog, and then pick up the dog collar, and we can now move on to how to upgrade it.

Dog collar upgrade

modern warfare 3 zombies main easter egg

For the dog collar upgrade step, I highly recommend coming into the Tier 3 threat zone specifically to a buy station, and for 10,000 Edon, purchasing yourself a juggernaut kill streak. This is going to help you tremendously in this upgrade process, as you'll see in a second, because what we need to do is with that dog colla Make our way over to another Rift portal by locating it on the map, going through it, and then heading through one of these Rift tiers.

You'll see that I only have one now; this is going to be a red one because we only have one purple item in our inventory, and the red one is the hardest area. This will take us to our challenge, which is going to be inside of the red zone, so you do need to make sure that you're prepared with your weapons and armor and everything, or you can just take the Juggernaut suit route because, as you'll see here in a second, it will be more than enough to complete this bounty contract, and this one is going to be manglers, so you'll see here that on the ground floor we have three manglers.

One of them is going to be our main target, and this is the only one on which we need to focus, as once you complete this, there will be a kind of explosion, and the rest will just disappear, so focus on this main mangler here, and once he's destroyed, you will get the rift reward, and inside will be your upgraded version of that dog collar. Then we can move on to our fourth and final piece, which is going to be the surveillance camera.

Survelliance camera

Survelliance camera

So the fourth and final part we're going to need for this Easter egg is the surveillance camera, and to do that, we need to equip the dead wire ammo mod on our gun just like we did previously with the brain wat one, which is the same process.

mw3 zombies tier 4 threat zone

And then we are going to be looking for these ether orbs around the map now these are just like the dogghouse and the roof portals they will only, appear on your mini map when you are in close proximity to them and what we going to be doing is shooting it with the gun that has the dead wire on it and continuing to do that until we destroy it now what we're going to notice is that this yellow colored orb is going to drop us the surveillance camera and we can go ahead and equip that and then what we're going to notice in our inventory now is we have three yellow items these are three upgraded items and the camera here which is unupgraded so, we're just going to follow the same process to upgrade it like we did the previous ones that is finding a roof portal on the map going ahead and making our way through that entering into the corresponding, color portal for this item here is going to be the medium threat zone portal or the yellow one we're going to follow the contract phone down go ahead and start the contract make our way over to the Bounty for this item here for the upgrader is disciples.

MODERN WARFARE 3 ZOMBIES. In this video I will be showing you. - How to get the locked locked diary. - How to get the pill bottle.
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