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Weapons hot Johnny Storm's coming; give me a sitre boys on target; watch about to split up. I have eyes in the sky. Let's go to work. Sweeping the beach, Shadow scouted the island. They left supplies. See what you can find in the copy that they came in. Watcher Escape Vehicles confirmed on the perimeter how many there's a cove with four inflatable soft-skin boats and one bird near the East Beach minimal guards we can't risk any EV back take them out Roger there no.

Now I suspect the terminal is in the bunker under the radio tower. All stations have eyes. High, we got a Cony heo in the AO; they're on high alert all over the island, right? Now all perimeter assets are down; no movement copy; stay put; keep it. You might see the building across from the bunker.

Clear-search it the bunker door is opening. Copy clean work. Head into the bunker and use the key to access the terminal. More stations inside the bunker, copy access to the terminal, and soap all the right terminals, Booting up good work soap I see multiple accounts. Banks have been routing numbers since the start, but it's all locked under biometric authentication.

Sigin shows multiple calls from the main house. Melena must be inside; we need her face and eyes. Prince check soap rally at the mansion, we'll take Melena alive, and Con will protect Melena from the deaths of the boys. Death it is; let's do this. Heads up Bravo on the eyes, Johnny, when you see them.

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Roger, LT Soov, is making calls from her office. I intercepted the signal where listen, stand by, find now, goab, be advised Molena spooked. She loves the good we weaponize, watching those drones every day. Clear, main house mooving interior copy; be advised I'll lose visual Jack, where's Roman?

Hold up in her office on the third floor behind a secure lock door. Do we breach it? Ghost, if you cut power to the security system, I can open the door remotely in solid copy. Even if we do get to Roman, NOA won't stop; they'll stop when they're dead. Good point i hope you know what to do. Clean and clear watcher, my face.

Whereas nothing in my banking will get you any closer to Vladimir, we'll see that there's multiple Cony group accounts hiding in plain sight. several recent transfers to Zorda prison, the goolag money for M's Escape, we open the doors, let's withdraw a few rubles from Makarov's coffers, then shall we be done?

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85 million macaroons were transferred to a CIA black fund. Vladimir's, The York, is already bought and paid for; you're not very good at this, neither are you or all your men, and your accounts are wide open. You're stealing from Makarov's future, not mine, so now that you hear that I did, let's make this personal.

We need to get off the X to make this happen, or we can take her with us to SWI National Bank. This is your personal account. money's already been searched; there will be more, S. It looks like we found our pressure point, boys. Let's drain it, don't you? Dare something wrong Miss Roman is over; I don't know Makarov's plans.

I am a financer here, nothing more. Give him your print, but tell us where to find Makarov [__]. You and that little birdie in your ear—that account is my money. I fought for it, I earned it one more push, and we got her last call. If he takes over, he'll know you were here. I'm as good as dead without my money.

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I need my money. We need Marov; where is he? There's a v transfer to a stock capital in St. Petersburg vladimir buys old, abandoned buildings. I don't know how he uses them. That's all I can tell you. I see it. That's all we need pleasure doing business with. You have good chat. When you beg him for your lives, he won't let you have them.

OLIGARCH Investigate Makarov's Financier - Call of Duty Modern Warfare III [4K60FPS UHD] Gameplay. Call of Duty Modern Warfare III 4K60FPS Gameplay walkthrough no commentary. call of duty campaign walkthrough,. call of duty no commentary.
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