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al mazrah night

YouTube is a legend. Click on that bell to all so you don't miss out on my next article. This is my last Modern Warfare 2 update article because I know the Modern Warfare 3 beta came to an end, yeah, yesterday.

Modern warfare 2 haunting event road map revealed!

Modern warfare 2 haunting event road map revealed!

So we got the last update. I really want to say season 6 is reloaded. I'm pretty sure you guys already saw the road map and all that good jazz, but you guys can pre-download this update 129 to your console right now, depending on what you play on.

But I want to go over some information about the Haunting event. 2.0 because we had it in War Zone 1.0. Now we have it on Modern Warfare 2, and it will come to Modern Warfare 3 as well, so this will be the last update for Modern Warfare 2. I can expect 130 to come out, to revert everything back to normal, like the icon of the game Modern Warfare 3 coming out.

This won't be the last update, but I'm just saying that content-wise, this will be the last update, and it will be going live on October 17th of today, so when you wake up in the afternoon you're going to be playing The Haunting event, there's going to be zombies. Royale, all that good stuff. The update's about 12.5 GB, so make sure you install it on your console.

Modern warfare 2 update 1.29 file size!

Modern warfare 2 update 1.29 file size!

Do what you have to do and get this update installed as quickly as possible, so if you really want to play The Haunting Event like I do, get this update downloaded, but There's so much more that is coming with this update now when you install it, and it's 1:00.

Warzone zombies royale + vondead & abilities!

I'm going to drop a article so you guys understand what's happening within the patch notes because I'm pretty sure they're going to change up a bunch of stuff. We got Al Mazra at night, we have Von Dead as a game mode, and we got rewards within the haunting event that we can unlock. That's also a good thing, like we had previously with War Zone 1.0.

The exact same thing is happening right now, and there are other things that you need to know. We have operators that are coming out; we have Ash Williams; we already have spawn. We got a couple of more bundles that they showed in the road map that was released today. Also, I do want to mention the fact that we will have four abilities when you play Zombies Royale, just like in War Zone 1.0.

2 new modern warfare 2 haunting event multiplayer maps & more!

2 new modern warfare 2 haunting event multiplayer maps & more!

You can shock people. Heal yourself and do all that good stuff. Same thing coming back for War Zone 2: we have Embassy as a night map, we have L as Silo as a multiplayer map, so we have these two maps, and then we get a pumpkin operator.

It's a haunting. Event, it's a haunting event. It's Halloween it has to be Halloween-themed, so that's basically what this whole entire article is about; it's a Halloween event. Halloween is coming up real soon; it'll be here in the blink of an eye. So with that being said, make sure you get this update downloaded and install it on your console.

You can join my Discord. Y'all can play with each other.

Closing statements + modern warfare 2 update 1.30!

ash williams operator

For any DLC weapons that you guys need to unlock, join my Discord, and you guys can link up together and get done. Okay, so is this the last update for Modern Warfare 2? I honestly feel like it is content-wise, but if that is really true, we might see update 130 reverting the icons back to normal, like the way Modern Warfare 2 was back before season 1.

So we made it through. I like Modern Warfare 3. You guys, tell me how you enjoy the mod. Warfare 3 beta It was hell at first. I like the multiplayer maps. I had no problem with the OG maps back in the day with Modern Warfare 2. I enjoy them. There's not really much I could say besides the operators and the visibility issues that people have because everybody looks the same when everyone's running around and all that stuff.

So we got November 2nd. After the haunting event goes live on November 2nd, we'll be able to play the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. I recommend you go play that campaign, beat that, beat it on V, beat it on veteran, and challenge yourself. So with that being said, season 6 Reloaded comes out tomorrow, October 17th.

I'll drop a Patos article, my last patch article, and we'll close out Modern Warfare 2 for good. So y'all have a good night. Make sure you leave a like on the article. I appreciate everyone who watches this article. Thank you, goodbye,

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