News - New Warzone 2 Unlimited Xp Glitch / Quickly Earn Slayground Rewards (free Blueprint) Zombie Camo Farm

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Just like this, there is a new XP glitch working in Invasion, but this one is tough to fix. You will need the EMP score streak equipped, and then change kill streaks to score streaks. Get as many kills as you can until you have earned the EMP, and then you'll need to die to set the score streaks.

Once you activate the EMP, it will instantly recharge all your score streaks again, so you can just repeat the process over and over to get unlimited XP. Before I go further, if you're wanting to hard-unlock Modern Warfare 3 Mastery camos or play in bot lobbies where you can quickly level up and unlock camos, then check out Mitch Cactus, Com.

They're the biggest and most reliable sellers with a lot to offer, and their service works on all systems.

Slayground event (free blueprint)

Slayground event (free blueprint)

The Santa event can be completed in multiplayer War Zone and Zombie. There are a bunch of nice rewards available to earn, including a free blueprint. The first challenge requires you to kill five special zombies with melee, so grab the TFA Pack-a-Punch and then call in a Tier 1 Xville and kill any of the manglers that show up, and you should unlock it in no time.

You'll need to get 400 kills with a wall gun for the next challenge, and if you're lucky, you can complete several challenges at once. Try and look for the DG58 on a wall to complete this challenge at the same time, but you may be better off bringing it in as your insured weapon. Grab a wall gun.

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Pack-a-Punch it and then grab a few self-revivals. The Juggernog and Deadshot deer perks will also take on this challenge easier, then start up a Tier 2 Outlast contract and activate the P&D. Now go outside of the building and start killing all the zombies. You will see there will be a continuous wave of zombies, making the 400-kill challenge extremely easy to do.

This also works as an amazing XP farm and a great way to grind camos. Go to the top of some stairs to make the zombies easier to kill since they will be forced to come to you from one direction. This can be useful for weapons that take longer to reload; just keep killing zombies until the event challenge is completed.

The next one is simple to do: head into zombies and look for the snowflake symbol, then fill your inventory with snowballs, but the box will have a 1-minute cooldown, then just start smacking zombies with the snowballs to kill them. It takes about four snowballs to kill one zombie, so try to get them into a large group since the snowballs can hit multiple zombies at once.

For the next challenge, grab a battle rifle. Drink a Deadshot Dy perk and call in a Tier 1 Xville, then just go for a headshot, and you'll complete the challenge in no time. The next one is fast to do since you only need to complete eight contracts, and the delivery cargo contract is definitely the quickest one to complete.

For this last one, just drink the stamina-up perk and get 50 kills. This one can be completed at the same time you work on the other contracts, since it's very straightforward and easy to do. In less than 2 hours, you can complete the event using zombies, which is great since a lot of us do not like PVP, but if you find PVP challenges to be easier, you can complete those instead and skip the zombie challenges.

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