News - New Warzone 2 - Best Ways To Earn Souls Dmz & Battle Royale. Season 6 Haunting Event Dmz Glitches

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I already posted the two quickest ways to earn souls, and you can check that article out in the description, but we all like variety, so here are a few more options for you. I recommend you not spend any of the weekends until next Tuesday. This is when the new animated ghouly camo becomes available, and it will most likely cost 1, 000 souls, so it's best to save them up until then.

If you want the nuke skin pre-made accounts or maybe some camos, then check out Mitch {309}. You can use their bot lobbies for quick camo unlocks and max out all your weapons. They even offer raid services, which include all the raid rewards. Battle Royale is another good source for souls since there are loot crates everywhere and each player drops four souls at a time.

Try to land behind another player and then take them out to get four souls quickly, and then start looting to find more. Most of these chests will have one soul inside, and you can find these chests all over the place. Just watch out for the jump, Eliminated, and then you can leave the game and still keep all the souls. This will work very fast for anyone who is actually good at Battle Royale since you can kill players quicker than looting; sadly, DMZ is not the train.

Fast souls in dmz

Fast souls in dmz

Watch out for soul-collecting. You need to kill about 20 bots before they drop a soul, which can be very time-consuming. The quickest way I found to get souls fast in DMZ is by looting the train.

It's been given a very nice Halloween skin, and there is a ton of good loot on board. Almost all orange crates have SS, and you can find a bunch on the train. Watch out for booby traps, though, and it's best to bring along a self-revive just in case you need it. There will be a few sentry guns you will need to take out, but it's pretty easy to do.

Solo: Once you reach the front of the train, you will find a bunch of chests, but just make sure you watch out for other players who may try to spoil your fun. You can leave the match if you want, and you will still keep your souls, but you will lose all your items. You may also need to go over to the event tab before the souls you earned show up.

dmz glitch

Glitch, this will work for every locked door at the police academy, and I was able to go from one soul to 16 souls by just looting the chest found here, so this can be very useful to you solo players who can do the bypass glitch or to anyone who has some keys they've been holding on to. If I learn of any more ways for you to quickly earn souls, then I will definitely let you know about it, so be sure to subscribe so you never miss out, and that's all for now.

I'm always looking for new glitches that everyone can use! Whether it's MW2 Camo Glitches, Unlimited Xp Glitches, or DMZ glitches, no glitch is too small if it can help someone.
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