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There is a new Mastery camo in the game, and this can be unlocked very fast using the XP method in this article. You can also use these glitches to unlock camoes as well, so let's try to glitch this article up to 123 likes to help my channel grow. If you're new around here, then be sure to subscribe with notifications turned on so you stay up-to-date on all the best.

Modern Warfare 3 glitches. The glitch spot at this location is still working. Just go prone and crawl in backwards, and if you get stuck, just wiggle back and forth until it lets you crawl under the ledge. It can be a bit tricky, but just keep trying, and you'll eventually get it. I recommend you don't use this glitch to kill other players since they might report you, but you can use it to troll players and hide.

Bounties: You can hide inside here after grabbing a Most Wanted contract to get easy XP and just have your teammates open up. Supply crates to lower the timer. When you want out, just use one of the zip lines. If you want to unlock the new nuke skin and gain incredible XP, then check out Mitch {714}.

They can also unlock any zombie schematic or Mastery Camo for you; they provide safe ways for you to level up; and their service works on PC. Xbox, and Playstation. Off-XP is required to finish the new event, so I'll quickly show you.

Afk xp/camo glitch

Afk xp/camo glitch

How to complete it The first XP glitch can be done in zombies, and it's a good idea to put the Jack-limb Ripper under a barrel on any assault rifle or battle rifle. You'll also want to buy the Juggernaut perk and the PhD Flopper perk to prevent fire damage, then upgrade the weapon to max level, and it will be able to instantly kill all zombies.

Now start an Outlast contract in Tier 1 and activate the P&D, then find a safe corner to stand in and turn on the chainsaw. Just pin down the trigger, and voila, the chainsaw will do all the killing while you just stand there. This is a very easy way to gain XP. and unlocking Camos gold armor will make this a lot safer and equip a self-revive in case something goes wrong.

When the contract reaches 95%, cancel it, and the zombies will stay spawning for the rest of the game. This exact same glitch can be done in Tier 2, but the zombies do hit harder, so just.

Faster xp for weapons / rank

Watch out for that. You can gain even more XP if you shoot the zombies since you can kill them as they're spawning, making this an amazing way to earn rank XP. With weapon XP and battle pass tokens, you can also farm the zombies, but other players are usually already there, so I find I can get more XP at Outlast Contract.

Best tip to get more bp tokens

Best tip to get more bp tokens

You'll get the most battle pass tokens if you stay as late as possible. This isn't the best method for weapon XP, but it's a great glitch to use if you need it.

Easiest way to get weapon xp / rank xp

Camos and multiplayer are also solid options for XP. Head into a small map game with decoy grenades and the Dos equipped. Just throw them every time you respawn, and do this for the whole game. Use your doss whenever you can and play The Objective to get even more XP. I got zero kills and still got a decent amount of weapon XP and rank XP, and it all came from just me, Decoys.

Best weapon xp / rank xp solo

Plunder is by far the best place to earn fast XPs. You simply need to complete contracts to earn very nice weapon XP and rank XP. If you do down a player, don't forget to interrogate them for an extra chunk.

Best way to get weapon xp / rank xp

Best way to get weapon xp / rank xp

Also , if you have decoy grenades, you can throw them towards other players to get easy rank and weapon XP. This works even better if you have a friend on the other team. If you're on Playstation, turn crossplay off and start the game at the same time as a friend, and you might end up in the same match together.

Then you can use this glitch to farm camos and XP, but just make sure you take. It turns out this is the best XP glitch working at the moment, and it's the easiest way to unlock those hard-to-get camos.

Extra xp tips

You can also kill your friend after they grab any Most Wanted contract, or you can just wait for other players to grab them and hide nearby.

Hopefully these tips and tricks have helped you guys out, and if you made it this far, then say the secret word, Mr.

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