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The Haunting event is now live, so in this article, I'll show you the quickest way to collect souls. Let's bump this article up to 250 likes if you want more, and be sure to subscribe if you like. Modern Warfare 2 articles DMZ has had a nice Halloween update with a bunch of scary stuff spread around the map, including the new Halloween, bosses There are also new login rewards that will be available for 20 days, and you need to log in for 10 of those days to get a free shotgun blueprint.

It's pretty good-looking and very fitting for Halloween, plus this will also carry over to Modern Warfare 3. If you are a DMZ fan, then you will love this Halloween update since they have added new bosses for you to kill. You'll get this blueprint for free if you can kill five out of the six bosses, and you'll get a calling card for each boss you take down.

This is a limited time, so don't wait too long. Anyone who pre-ordered the Vault edition of Modern Warfare 3 can now use this free blueprint, and it comes with a Halloween bonus that will allow you to get extra souls from operators or bots, so use it if you have it, and those who ordered any digital version of Modern Warfare 3 on PlayStation can get this operator for free when the game launches.

Fans of He-Man might like this new operator bundle; it comes with three skins and two blueprints plus a few other goodies, so if bundles are your thing, you might want to grab this one. If you want the nuke skin premade accounts or maybe some camos, then check out Mitch {315}. You can use their bot lobbies for quick camo unlocks and max out all your weapons.

They even offer raid services, which include all the raid rewards.

Unlimited souls glitch

Unlimited souls glitch

Souls are the new currency for the Haunting event, and they can be spent on some nice rewards. You can get free blueprints, a vehicle skin, and a bunch of other items. Collect all 10, and you'll get this free operator, Skin, and if you collect all 15, then you'll get this one, but it's not currently available to earn.

The fastest way to collect souls can be done in lockdown. Quads, the decoy XP trick still works, so it's still the best way to rank up fast, and they have added new field upgrades that can help you get more decoys. Once you're at Max Souls, you can just leave the game and still keep all the souls you collected. Just repeat the process over and over until you've claimed all the rewards that you Shipping 24/7 is another good option, but you need to stay for the whole match.

More fast souls

More fast souls

Every operator you kill has a chance to drop souls, and there is a maximum amount you can collect for each game mode. For the short games, it's eight, and for the longer modes, it's 12; they have to be picked up to collect them, and they disappear fast, so don't try camping or you will never hit the maximum amount.

You'll get a prompt once you have earned the maximum amount, and then you can just complete the rest of the match. Once the game is done, the souls will be added to your collection. There are lots more articles on the way, so be sure to subscribe. And that's all for now.

I'm always looking for new glitches that everyone can use! Whether it's MW2 Camo Glitches, Unlimited Xp Glitches, or DMZ glitches, no glitch is too small if it can help someone.
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