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Now, starting with the glitch, one player will be the tomb stoner and the other player will be the stasher, so have the tomb stoner fill their backpack with items the stasher wants to dup so that they can stick them into the acquisition stash. Now both players need to go into a match and complete one contract to get 2, 000 Essence, which is enough to buy the tombstone perk, or just craft and bring one or buy the PK from Tier 3, then have the tombstone perk.

Equipped, off now decide where you want the tombstone, and I like setting up mine near the bad signal portal, which the stasher will need to use for duping items, now that the tombstone has the items and dring the BK they need to get down without any self revive speed out and then get revived once revive the tombstone has been set so the tomb Stoner can now drop all the items for the stasher to take, then make sure to leave the squad so both players are solo.

Now the stasher can leave the game with the items, and I'll show you it from their perspective later in the article, now the tomb sooner can now get eliminated and leave the match. Make sure you don't accidentally pull the other player out of the match in case they haven't left the game yet. In the next game, the tombstone will be still there and ready to loot again, so like before, complete a contract and then buy the to-per to repeat the same steps all over again.

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This must be done game after game if you want to keep duping items. Loot the old tombstone until it crumbles and then get down bleed out and then get revive to set a new one. Tombstone next, drop the items for the stasher, leave the squad, and then get eliminated. Keep repeating this process over and over until the stasher has all the items that they want in their acquisition stash, then you can swap rolls so the tombstoner has a chance to dup items, so now the other player will have to buy the tombstone perk and do the same steps shown earlier in the article.

Now, after the tombstone is set, the stasher grabs the items and leaves the scad so that they are solo now. The tombstoner gets eliminated and leaves the game, while the stasher duplicates the item using the glitch. You're going to need to equip or complete the bat signal Story Mission to do the glitch interact.

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With the portal and on the console, you will need to close the game when the wrapping animation starts, but on the PC, you're going to need to close the game on the black screen after the wrapping animation. When you restart the game and return to zombies, you will see that you kept all your gear and weapons, plus all your backpack items.

You can now just unquip them to put them in your stash. If it says 10x10, just delete your whole stash, or at least delete any crafted items you have until the backpack items go into the stash. If you only stick dup items into your stash, you can fit over 200 items into the acquisition. Then repeat the same process over and over to fill your stash way past the limit.

You can also equip an ether blade as a lethal before using the portal, and it will stick as a permanent lethal. If you always use the portal glitch, this process is very time-consuming, and since it's not solo. I cannot imagine most of you doing this, but it's a nice trick for those of you that have friends willing to help out.

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WHAT'S NEW IN SEASON 2. ANY type of exfil, will lose the TS. Season 1 TS Glitch method is gone. None of the previous methods will work, you will lose your TS if you attempt the previous methods.
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