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best mw3 glitch

I already posted a article, which you can check out in the description, showing the best way to continuously farm this contract over and over without needing weapons. Decoy grenades or monkey bombs are useful for distracting the zombies guarding the door, and it's best to drive the same route I do to reach the destination in the shortest time possible.

The loot you get will always be random, and you might get lucky and receive something amazing, or you may have my luck and always get junk. Before I go further, if you're wanting to hard-unlock Modern Warfare 3 Mastery camos or play bot lobbies where you can quickly level up and unlock camos, then check out Mitch {428}.

They are the biggest and most reliable sellers, with a lot to offer, and their service works on all systems. Bounty contracts can also be completed very quickly if you have a lot of money. Just buy the Jug score streak from a Tier 3 buy station, and this will quickly destroy the target. You can check out my money dup article in the description if you're wanting Max Essence, which means you can buy as many score streaks as you want, but there are other ways to kill bosses very easily.

Best weapon

Best weapon

The crossbow works very well for taking down bosses, and you can stick to the same attachments.

I have to make a devastating build, but the most important attachment is the blast cap bolt. Save this as a custom mod, and then bring it into the next match. The bolts cause explosive damage, so you will need to buy the PhD Flopper perk since this will stop you from taking any explosive damage. This means you can fire the bolts towards your feet, causing them to explode and killing any zombies around.

I recommend the Speed Coa perk to reload quicker, then upgrade and pack-a-punch the weapon to Max to make it a one-shot killer.

Glitch 1

I already showed this location a few weeks ago, but you can go prone below this machine and kill any zombies or bosses piling up around you. This is one of the best spots to use if you need a safe spot to rest while inside the red.

Glitch 2

Zone : You can also use wall breaches to kill bosses, but you will need the Scorch, your wonder weapon, to get into them, which you can buy from the mystery box or have a friend drop one for. You grab a bounty contract and then check its location on the map. If it's located near mine, then you can use a new wall breach to kill it safely.

It's best to use the scorcher to get into this glitch, but you can check out the article in the description showing how to get into this glitch with a truck. Stand where I do and use the jump ability to get into the wall. This spot can be risky since you can fall under the map if you're in the wrong spot, so make sure you face the same direction I did to avoid falling.

You can then get right underneath the ground, making it very easy to kill any nearby bosses. It's a good idea to park a vehicle near the wall so you have an easy way out, but you can also get out using the scorcher.

Unlimited xp glitch

Unlimited xp glitch

If you stand in the right spot, you can get all the zombies to pile up above you, making this a really good way to farm XP. Zombies will keep spawning in until the boss is destroyed, so you can just stay here, killing zombies to unlock them.

Glitch 3

Head to this spot on the map to get into a very easy glitch, and no scorcher is required for this one. All you need to do is jump through a small window, and you will be safe from all zombie attacks. This is great for anyone wanting a safe spot to hide, and it works very well for taking out bosses.

The scorcher will let you reach a few other spots inside the glitch, and it's currently the easiest spot to get into and out of bosses spawning near this spot quite often, making it a really good glitch spot for contracts. Farming, you can get out of the glitch by climbing onto this ladder or by jumping back out through the window.

Glitch 4

Glitch 4

There is another glitch spot located right here, and the scorcher is required for this one. Stand beside the pillar and use the jump ability while pushing forward to get into the glitch.

It's a super small area, but you will be saved from zombie attacks, and you can use this spot to take out any nearby. Targets, keep watching the article to see some other tricks and spots you can use to kill bounties, and if you made it this far, then say the secret word.

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