News - New "solo" Tombstone Dupe Glitch After Patch Warzone 2 Zombies. Unlimited Money/crystals And More

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It's back The solo Tombstone duplication glitch is here. It is honestly easier than any other way because all you do is get your items to make the tombstone. So I'm just going to bring in these items. We have 5, 000 members, and somebody will drop you some stuff in there, but once you guys are done getting your items, before you load up into the game, make sure that you activate the act for Story Mission.

If you don't need to do anything to get this activation mission, you can then select the act for the story mission and select it. This can be selected if you are a new player, so it was great. You don't need to do anything to get this activation. Mission: You then want to get yourself the tombstone.

You can either get it by crafting it or by just picking it up with the perk machine on the map, and that's just 2, 000 Essence, so it's not much, but once you have the tombstone, this is all you guys have to do. It's crazy just unlock the schematics for a cheap price. Check out silent services. We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar camo, as well as hard camo unlock and nuke skin services.

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Here are the reviews; they absolutely love it at cheap prices. I told you guys to activate the act for a mission. You now want to go to the ACT for Mission and make sure you do not have a PhD because it won't work. You then want to make sure you're alone. You need to be solo for this glitch, which is great because a lot of people you know like to do stuff solo, but you want to activate the portal.

Then head into the water, and then go underwater. At this point, you want to look at the meter on the left, and once the meter gets 25% full, you want to open up the menu and then press yes to teleport. At this point, when it counts down to 10 seconds, you're going to be eliminated. But you're also going to teleport, and that's how it works.

You want to then close your application on the blue or purple screen if you're on a console, but if you're on a PC, you want to close your application on the black screen. At this point, when you load back into the game, you will see your tombstone. Did you keep all your items? I have all these items, and if you want to get past the 10 stash limit, stay tuned, because I will show you guys how to do that in a minute.

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As you can see, I can unequip the items and put them in my stash, but when you guys go back into the game, the tombstone will be at the graveyard. At this point, you guys get rinsed and repeat. You don't need to buy tombstones again, but just crumble your tombstone, then go to the portal, activate the portal, be solo, and go underneath the water.

Wait for that meter to be at 25%. Then activate the portal. You'll die if you want to close your app. Like I said, if you're on a console, close the app at the purple SL BL blue screen, or if you're on a PC, close the app at the black screen. It will then put the items into your rug sack but still keep your tombstone on the map.

This is the only way to do it again. shout out to last of rare breed, absolute legend, for finding this; he did it. You know, I was trying to find it; everybody was, and I knew somebody was going to find a way to do the old way solo after pat. I personally was really close to this, though I was dying while teleporting.

mw3 zombies glitches

But I never thought of dying with the water to get it to work, so shout out to him. But if you guys want to get past the 10 stash limit, all you need to do is do this glitch over and over and over, and then just make sure that you delete the crafted items. That you crafted and put in your stash; you only want items that are duplicated from your stash, so you just want to go through your stash.

If you don't know what you deleted that was crafted, then just guess, and if you know it still isn't working after you deleted all of your crafted items, just delete the first, like 5 to 10 items. After that, it should work, and it should, that you go past the stash limit. Basically, you need to fill up your stash with only dupes for this to work, but anyway, that's it.

And check out the silent services.

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