News - New Mwz Solo Tombstone Glitch (new Method) No Scorcher Required / Keep Weapons / Warzone 2 Zombie Glitch

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We can only stick 10 items into our stash, so most of us have been using the Tombstone glitch to get unlimited items. In this article, I'll be showing you a brand new way to do it, and a big shout out to Ari for finding this one. You can check out his channel in the description. Let's see if we can glitch this article up to 167 likes to help my channel grow.

If you're new around here, then be sure to subscribe because I post all the best working zombie glitches and exploits. You probably already know how to do the co-op Tombstone method, and if you don't, then you can check out the article in the description showing you how to start every game with Max Essence and the best items to do the solo Tombstone glitch.

You will need to buy a tombstone perk for 2,000 Essence, and then be sure to check out my sponsor, Mitch Cactus. If you're wanting to quickly unlock any Mastery camo or all the schematics, they are the biggest and most reliable sellers with amazing deals, and they can also unlock the new nuke skin for you.


Normally, to do item solo, we would need to use scorcher, but instead you can use this new method. You will need to have a blood burner key, and having a second one in your backpack will also come in handy for the next match. I already posted a article showing you how to easily get the blood burner key or the mags of holding without needing the schematic and another article showing you how to get all schematics easily, so check out both those articles in the description.

When you're ready to leave the game, bring the bike to the top of the map, and you will want to park it very close to the Out of Bounds. At this point, make sure you drink the tombstone perk and have your backpack full of items you want to duplicate. Now get on the bike and drive onto the water. Once you get on the water, make sure you do not touch land again until you have reached the act, the four-story mission portal, which can be found in the red zone.

Start slowing down and parking the bike exactly where I do, and then quickly go and activate the portal. Make sure you run fast to avoid taking damage, then get back onto the bike and drive it back into the water, then get off the bike and quickly get back onto it again, and if you were fast enough, you will be teleported right beside the out of bounds, then vote yes and run into the out of bounds.

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Once the timer on the screen hits 6 seconds, this will cause you to be eliminated just before it teleports you into the new mission. You will need to close the game when you see that it says dark ether zombies in the top left corner of the screen. If you time it right, you will keep everything, including your weapons.

Now restart the game and head back into zombies. I failed to close the game at the right time, so I lost my weapon, but I did keep all my gear and items, so I can now use them in the next match. A tombstone will be waiting for you at the church, so you can leave it there for now and play the game like normal.

When you're ready to leave the game, go grab your tombstone items to dup them all over. Again, you will need to buy another Tombstone perk and then call out your bike. Many players thought the new bike schematic was going to be useless, but thanks to glitchers like Ari, it's now very useful. Just repeat the same steps as before to continue to dup items every game.

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This exact same method will also work to unlock camos and unlock schematics, and I might show you how to do that in a future article, so be sure to subscribe. We have a lot more glitches on the way before season 3 lands, so turn on notifications so you never miss out.

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