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best mcpr 300 build

This is the best MCPR, 300-class setup in Warzone 2, and also one of the best snipers in the game. We're starting out with the nilsound 90 for the sound suppression, bullet velocity damage range, and recoil smoothness at the cost of aim down side speed and aiming stability, which we're going to take care of later on in this article.

Now, a lot of people like using the Dreadnought, but for me, I like the nil sound but the tuning. Next. I put on the 22-inch OMX, 456, barrel for The recoil controls damage, range, bullet velocity, and hip fire accuracy at the cost of aim-down sight speed, movement speed, and hip recoil control tuning.

I maxed out the damage range, and I didn't change the way It's completely up to you if you want to do anything with it, but I didn't. I put on the explosive mag for the one-shot headshot. I maxed out the bull's velocity and increased the damage range to 0.68. Max it out all the way if you want to; it doesn't really matter.

best mcpr 300 class

Put on the five-round mag for more movement speed and downside speed. Sprint the fire speed and reload quickness, and last but not least. I put on the FSS OV. Laser, for aim down sight speed aiming, stability, and sprint to fire speed, but remember that laser is visible in ads. In the tuning. I increased aim-down sight speed and I also increased the sprint of fire speed, but the interesting thing is that if you increase the aiming-out stability, it also helps with the handling as well.

So, that's just a little cheat code if you want to use it, and then you can help with the spirit of fire speed set to around 0.20; if you go any further, it's just not going to help, so 0.20 is this week, and with this, you get really good ads as you see one. Shot headshot one, shot headshot one, shot headshot,

Best mcpr 300 Class Setup Warzone 2 Best mcpr 300 Loadout MW2 Warzone 2 Meta Sniper. new META mcpr 300 LOADOUT in WARZONE 2! Best mcpr 300 Class Setup - MW2.
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