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Welcome back to another article, and a bunch of you were asking how to unlock camos and keep your Tombstone, so I'll show you how to do that in this article. So if you never want to miss out on new zombie glitches and exploits, then be sure to subscribe for more. If you already have a tombstone set up in the game, you will need to empty it before setting up a new one, and make sure you bring in the weapon that you want the camo on.

If you're unlocking camos on assault rifles or battle rifles, then put the Jack Liim Ripper under Barrel on your weapon before coming into the game. This will allow you to go AFK while killing zombies by just pinning down the trigger button, and the zombies will walk right into it. Speaking of camos, if you don't have time to unlock all the Mastery camos, then you will want to check out Mitch {667}.

They have years of experience, they are reliable, and they can provide safe and fast ways for you to level up. They can also unlock all the new schematics for you. Outlast contracts are still broken, which makes them the best way to unlock camos. Just start the contract and then leave the building to find the zombie spawn location, then just start killing the zombies over and over again until your challenge is complete.


Different weapons have different challenges, and you can now track them, which makes camo grinding much easier. Easier, before doing the AFK method make sure you buy PhD Flopper first and grab a tombstone perk at the same time to set up a new Tombstone at the end of the game then get your chainsaw ready and find a safe place to stand and then pin down the trigger it will automatically kill any zombies that walk into it but make sure you have it upgraded enough to kill them, instantly stand in one location that forces the zombies to come from One Direction and it's a good idea to have gold armor while doing this since the zombies can sometimes throw meat you can just stay here the whole game killing zombies until your camel challenge is complete also PhD Flopper will prevent you from taking any fire damage from the hell, hounds when you're ready to get the gold camo you will need a blood burner bike to do the new Tombstone glitch and then bring the bike to the same location I.

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Zone you will need to park the bike exactly where I do and then go activate the act for portal decoys will help keep the zombies from attacking you and make sure you run, fast. Then head back to the bike and reverse it onto the water. Now get off the bike and quickly get back onto it, and if you are fast enough, you will be teleported close to out of bounds.

Then just get off the bike and vote. Yes, run into the out-of-bounds as soon as the timer hits 6 seconds. Make sure your inventory is full of items you want in your Tombstone, and make sure your weapons are leveled up enough to kill Tier 2 zombies. A tombstone will be waiting for you in the next game, and you can now kill 100 zombies inside this story.

Mission and Xfill to unlock the gold zombie camo. You will keep all your gear and items, but you will lose any perks you had. Self-revivals will keep you alive, but this is only a Tier 2 mission, so it's not very hard to beat. The hardest part is killing the boss, but just stay on the move, and he should eventually die.

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A pet dog can also make this mission a lot easier. The rewards are always random, and sometimes you'll even get new items like the blood burner key or the mags of holding. You can check out the article in the description, which goes into a bit more detail about how to beat this mission. quickly, you can keep killing zombies even after the boss has been killed if you want more weapon XP, and when you're ready to leave head through the portal, this will unlock the gold camo for you, and your tombstone will be in the next game, making this a very easy way to unlock gold camo and do items at the same time.

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