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i'll, be showing you how to get several new M4 blueprints including the unreleased black cell blueprint which looks pretty good in my opinion if you throw on a gold camo let's go for 300 likes on this article and make sure you subscribe so you never miss out on limited time glitches like this , but first if you are wanting to play in bot lobbies or maybe you want the new skin or you just can't wait to unlock camos then check out mitchcactus.


When you check inside the gunsmith, you should see a glitch in the Dell M4 variant called Black Cell, and then you can save it as a custom mod by pressing LT or L2 .



It has an animated scan on the body, but the attachments belong to the default information, so you'll want to throw on a camo to make it look a bit better. Once you create a new loadout, you will see a brand new M4 variant.

Sanguine squat

Sanguine squat

This blueprint is from the sanguine squat bundle, and you can use different blueprints to create this variant as well as others. Just experiment with different blueprints to see which M4 variant you end up with. So just place a blueprint into your primary slot, delete the loadout, and then create a new one.

When you check with the gunsmith for the M4, you might see a new variant.


That's all for now.

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