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I showed you some secret rewards you can get from the Haunting event and yesterday's article, and you can check that one out in the description. If this article helps you out, be sure to subscribe for more. It only took me 1 hour to complete Operation Nightmare, which allowed me to unlock this free blueprint.

This is a blueprint for the bass P SMG, and it's actually pretty good to use. You should be able to win most gunfights since it can shoot fast and hit hard. The only downside is the magazine size, since this SMG can eat through bullets pretty well. To get the blueprint, you need to complete five out of the six nightmare tasks, which include looting for jump scares and killing bosses.

You also earn a calling card for each completed task. The easiest is the evil spirit task, which can be completed quickly in Battle Royale. Just head to four locations on the map and loot each spot until you get a jump. Scare, you will get a notification in the game once the task is complete, and this was the fifth task that I had completed, which gave me the blueprint.

Ghost train

Ghost train

The next task is the ghost train, and this is easy to do in DMZ. If the weapon case is on the train, you might want to wait for another match since this can invite unwanted attention.

The train has a ton of loot, and it's a good spot to find souls, but just watch out for the boobies. Traps Once you reach the front of the train, just open the safe, and a heart necklace will appear above it. Just grab it to complete the task.


Next, you will need to defeat the UFO. Boss, I recommend coming with a lot of ammo since this thing is a bullet sponge.

Check out yesterday's article to see a dupe you can use to fill your inventory with ammo because you might need it. If your teammates are useless, first you need to destroy an orb, and then you need to destroy three smaller orbs and try using cover since they will fire back. Then you're going to need to destroy the UFO, and just watch out because it will try to abduct you.



Task The Pharaoh is next, and I recommend doing this in DMZ. The biggest problem we ran into was the PVP. At least three different teams showed up while we were trying to complete it, so make sure you go and prepare. You're going to want to find the redheaded baddies and then kill them. They drop cursed skulls, and you need a total of 10; place all 10 into the pharaoh's tomb, and then prepare for a fight.

And again, this is another bullet sponge boss, so bring along a bunch of ammo and some decent.

Swamp creature

Complete Next is the swamp creature, and this is the easiest boss fight and a good source of money in DMZ. Head to the swamp and loot these pods to find a tiara, then offer the tiara to this evil symbol, and the swamp creatures will appear.

This is a great way to farm souls since they are easy to kill, and they even drop Lo valued at 100K, so if you need quick cash, then head to the swamp. You only get one valuable item, so make sure you share it with your poor friends.

The butcher

The butcher

The last boss is the butcher, and he can be pretty tough, so bring along a weapon with a lot of ammo and then head into DMZ.

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