News - New Double Weapon Glitch. Insane Xp/camo Glitch Warzone 2 Glitch

cod glitch

In this article, I'll be showing you how to equip two weapons in one loadout. First, select the playlist you want to play from, and then edit your class. This will only work with primary weapons, so have Overkill equipped, then put on your primary weapon for the secondary slot, Select the same weapon, but hold L2 to put it in the same loadout.

This will help you unlock XP and camos faster since you won't be needing to spend so much time reloading, and you'll probably be dead before you even need to reload. And speaking of camos, you'll want to check out Mitchcactus, Com. If you want to instantly unlock all camos, play in legit bot lobbies or buy pre-made accounts.

Once you have all the attachments you want on both weapons, start up the match. Once in game, you will be able to edit attachments on your weapon, but you won't be able to equip double weapons during the game; this must be done in the pre-game lobby. I recommend using this method before it gets patched to level up your weapons quicker.

Putting large magazines on your weapon is a great way to ensure you don't have to waste too much time reloading since you can continue your kill streak by swapping to a different weapon. When you do reload, be sure to remember to reload both so you are not swapping to an empty clip. This glitch also works with the riot shield, and thanks to Moonman for mentioning this, but I'm not sure if the riot shield on the back actually works since it doesn't appear when in game, so it may just be a visual glitch or it may actually be protecting your back.

You can normally get some pretty funny reactions from players since most of them don't actually know how to deal with riot shielders. Don't forget to subscribe for more Modern Warfare 2 glitches, and that's all for now.

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