News - New Dmz - No Exfil Glitch. How To Keep Everything Without Going To Exfil. Gamebreaking Glitch

cod glitch

I'll be showing you a brand new glitch that is working right now in the DMZ. I'm the first one to post this glitch on YouTube, so let's see if we can get 300 likes on this article. Make sure to turn on Bell notifications because these glitches get patched very fast, and I have a lot more glitches coming.

A huge shout-out to Dennis David for sharing this glitch with me. Here I am logging into the DMZ after a failed X-file attempt in the last game, but when you look at my backpack. I still have all the items from the previous game, so you are probably asking yourself how this is possible. Well, thanks to Hatchet 1997, a.k.a.

dmz glitch

David, anyone can do this glitch as long as they have at least one other teammate, so to start off, just play the game like normal, loot supply drops and strongholds, and fill your backpack full of goodies that you find. I apologize to any players harmed in the making of this article. You're not going to want to do this glitch inside the gas unless, you have a couple of gas masks on you so if you know you're not going to make it to the last x-fill or you don't want to risk the valuable items that you have and you want to bring them into the next game with you, then head somewhere on the map that is far away from the radiation, then you'll need to have your friends down themselves and completely bleed out if, you are doing this with two other friends make sure they are close to each other when they die so that you can revive them quicker.

So revive both your friends until there is only a little black showing on the white bar, and do this to both your friends if you accidentally revive them all the way. Have them go down themselves again and just try again. A good time to do this is when you see the countdown to the final X-file, and just leave them in this state until you see the screen go black.

As you can see, I have a lot of good stuff in my backpack, and I'm not going to make it to the X-Files, but I will still have all these items in the next game. So now we just wait for the game to finish. When the timer below the minimap hits zero, it will start to flash, and as soon as you see the screen go dark, quickly revive your teammate.

You will be instantly down, but your teammate will be back in the game, so now they need to quickly revive you. They don't have very much time, so they need to be fast. After a few seconds, you will all be kicked up into the clouds, and you may have to wait here for a few minutes until you are sent back into the lobby.

This may be a bit different on PC since I've only tested this on the PS5. And that's all for now.

You never have to Exfil again using this glitch! Keep all your items for every game over and over again! Skip final Exfil and you can still keep everything you have.
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