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cod glitch

It's a pretty good under the map glitch spot to use since you can just stay along the edge of the water, killing all the bots you see, when you want out. Simply find a rock to mantle onto, or you can reach through the ground in some spots by spamming the x or a button. If you end up getting stuck in the ground, then spam X a bit more, and it should get you unstuck.

Here are the two best glitches that are still working in multiplayer. The first glitch is done in Invasion on the map Guiaro. You will also need a loadout drop and battle rage equipped for the second glitch to work. They are fast at patching duplication glitches, but not so fast at patching wall breaches since this one has been in the game for quite a while.

Simply jump through the window, but do it carefully or you may fall to your death. You can do this second glitch on any map, but I really like it on Invasion. Wait until overclock is active and call in your loadout drop, activate battle rage, and then change your loadout to any other class that has a different field upgrade.

When you die, you will lose the infinite tactical sprint, but you will keep the fast health region. And that's all for now.

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