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In this article, I'll be showing you how to duplicate any weapon that you want, whether it's insured or contraband, and what happens when you duplicate the One-Shot sniper. Let's see if we can get 301 likes on this article, and be sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Ziggy now let's get started. Getting your hands on the One-Shot sniper sounds pretty easy.

Simply make your way to the end of the rainbow in a DMZ or warzone match, and you will need to loot the golden chest that you find there. The rainbow will end in a different spot for every match, and some spots will be easier to reach than others. If you are after incredible loot and money, then you'll definitely want to open these chests, and hidden inside one of them is the legendary one-shot sniper.

The sniper is only available for that match, and if you X-fill with it, it will just disappear from your loadout. You can however glitch it so that you are able to exhale with it, and this can be done by sewing it in your backpack before you equip it; this will remove the camouflage and trick the game into letting you exhale with it.

The sad part is that the one-shot sniper only works during the match, so as soon as you leave the game, the sniper will just turn into a regular sniper, but it will keep the camo, so if you bring it back into the next game, you can trick people into thinking you still have the one-shot sniper. One: Just before the giving-up bar reaches the top, you'll want to open your backpack and quickly drop the primary weapon.

This part can be very hard to do and needs to be done very quickly. Then, have someone revive you. You will be wielding your primary weapon, and there will be a duplicate of it on the ground for a friend to use. Duplicating it will remove its one-shot ability, even if you just obtained it from the golden chest.

Fast weapon dupe

Fast weapon dupe

You will need to find a way to kill yourself, so jump off a tall building or use a grenade. You will respond holding your primary weapon, and there will be a duplicate of it on the ground, so you'll want to stow it in your backpack. Now switch to your secondary weapon, open your backpack, and equip the stowed weapon.

This is the fastest way to fill up your contraband stash, and you won't even have a cooldown on your insured slot, so you can just continue doing this over and over again.

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