News - New Broken Solo Dmz Glitch. Attachment Glitch. Instant Max Weapon Glitch. Dmz/warzone 2 Glitches

cod glitch

I'll be showing you a brand new attachment glitch that is working right now in the DMZ, so let's see if we can get 275 likes on this article if you want to see more glitches. Just like this, I've recently joined up with the fastest-growing DMZ Discord, which has over 3000 members. If you are looking for keys, need help doing missions, or just want to chat, then you will definitely want to check it out.

They also have a section dedicated to someone named Goodpexy, and it looks like she's a wannabe YouTuber, so go show her some support. A massive shout-out goes out to Horror Will Long for sharing this glitch with the community. Let's get started. You only need three things for this glitch to work: a full backpack of any size, full ammo in the weapon you are glitching, and the exact same type of weapon on the ground.

When you try to equip an identical weapon into your loadout, it will open up the backpack if the weapon turns into ammo, which means your backpack wasn't full or your ammo wasn't full. Just like the last attachment glitch, this will not work on gold weapons, so once you have tried to equip the weapon and your backpack opens, just drop something out of your backpack and a glitched gun with attachments will fall to the ground.

dmz glitch

This will instantly turn the weapon into a gold one. Most weapons I have tested this on have suppressors on them, which I love using, and DMZ, so this is a pretty game-breaking glitch since this glitch gives you a much higher chance of surviving against the broken bots. If you see a gold color below the name tag, then the glitch will not work on that weapon, so keep checking guns until you find a gray one.

After you X-fill the weapons, you will keep all the attachments, but you may lose some if your gun is not the right level. Your best source for gray guns is found on the helicopter. Bots will make those appear; just kill most of the bots in one location, and reinforcements will arrive, and more often than not, they will drop gray guns for you.

Once you have your gray gun, make sure the ammo is completely full. Use a munitions box or an ammo depot to fill it; you will need two identical gray guns. One needs to be on the floor, and the other one needs to be in your hands. Make sure your backpack is full; this will work with any backpack.

When you go to equip the floor gun, your backpack will open, so now just drop one item out of your backpack, and a glitch-cooled gun will fall to the ground. It's just that simple. This glitch will probably also work in Warzone, so don't expect it to last too long since they are pretty quick at patching these types of glitches.

The revive pistol glitch is still working, but this will probably be patched tomorrow. Activate the revive pistol at the same time you use spam swap weapons, and when you steal the revive pistol, it will duplicate it instead. You will also need to have two weapons equipped for this glitch to work.

This is the perfect glitch for DMZ right now since it basically means you have unlimited self-revives, which is very handy against these horrible DMZ bots.

Wallhack glitch

Wallhack glitch

the spotter scope glitch is also still working, so get into a vehicle, use the spotter scope, and then switch to the driver's seat. When you get out, you will see all the enemies. This is a great glitch for the DMZ, but it also works in multiplayer and the poor zone. I tested this out in ground warfare just to see if it worked, and I started to enjoy myself just a bit too much.

This and any multiplayer mode will most likely lead to a ban, so I strongly recommend only using this in the DMZ to kill bots. It can be done on any vehicle, but the downside is that once you are in the glitch, you will not be able to pick up any items at all or drive any vehicle. I'm someone who loves using stem, so I rarely use this glitch, but it's perfect for those who want to farm easy weaponix B by killing bots.

And that's all for now.

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