News - New" Best Solo Xp Glitches Warzone 2 & Dmz "after Patch" Godmode Glitch Spots. Mw2 Glitches

cod glitch

I'll be showing you a brand new God Mode glitch spot. Make your way to this spot on the map, and this glitch works in the war zone and the DMZ. Use my minimap to find the exact location and look for this big pool, then you'll want to come stand right here and move back and forth while crouching until you fall underneath the map.

This can take a little bit of practice, but you should eventually fall underneath. I ended up falling under just as some players started shooting at me. Make sure you don't stay under the water too long, or you will die. The players thought they might have downed me, so they came over to check it out, but that was a big mistake.

You can be reported for using these types of glitches, so use them at your own risk, foreign. If you park a boat next to the wall, then you'll be able to use it to get out. Don't wander too far away from the wall or you will fall to your death. There's actually quite a large area to explore, so have fun with this one.

The infinite battle rage glitch is also still working in the DMZ and warzone; all you need is a thousand dollars and then to head to the nearest buy station, activate battle rage, and then buy the Munitions Box. You can also do the same glitch with dead silence, and this will stack with battle rage.

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