News - New" Best Dmz Glitches Working Right Now. After Patch" Duplication/xp Glitches Dmz/warzone 2 Glitches

cod glitch

Here are all the best glitches that are working right now in the DMZ. Here's a nice little glitch you can use to get two uses out of one munition box, so have your munition box equipped and make sure you have a grenade ready to use. Let's say you want more spears and throwing knives, so the first thing you'll need to do is stow the ones you have equipped and then use the Munitions box to stow the new ones, equip the grenade, and then quickly kill yourself.

The bots in the DMZ are obviously still broken, but I don't think that's going to be a problem when season 2 finally starts. One of my favorite loadouts to use in the DMZ is the riot shield and throwing knife combo. The bots don't seem to know how to kill you any better than people in multiplayer, which makes this a very handy build to use when facing off against large groups; just don't let them get behind you since they can still down you pretty fast from the back.

You'll be able to get the riot shields from the strongholds, which I will show later in the article. The locked door glitch is also still working, and you will need a friend to help you. Have them drive a vehicle full speed at you while you mantle onto the hood, and if you have time to write, you will get pushed right through the door.

dmz glitch

If you have a thermite and you throw it at a right shield bot and he drops the shield so quickly that you kill him and then pick it up, you have to make sure that you are very fast at grabbing the shield or he will not let you pick it up. Once you have the shield, you will need to stow it in your backpack, so find a medium or large backpack.

You will also need to pick up another weapon, so drop the first weapon and then drop the second weapon, then pick up the first weapon and then pick up the second weapon, and you will see that they have swapped positions, then head straight to Xfill. The faster weapon dupe is also working, and a friend is required.

Have only one weapon equipped in your primary slot, then down yourself, then have your friend revive you; once revived, your weapon will be in the secondary slot, then just head straight to x-fill. The, weapons The dash glitch is also still working. Simply swap any contraband weapon that is in your loadout with an insured weapon, and it will be placed into your stash, whether it's full or not, once it's at level 23.


Any contraband weapon brought out of the game will be deleted, and you will also not be able to accept any new missions with a full stash. The field upgrade dupe is also working. If you equip a Munitions box or armor box and then drop it to the ground, then equip a different field upgrade and then drop a third field upgrade from your backpack to the ground, then use the field upgrade, it will throw down a duped Munitions box.

With someone in the driver's seat, dolphin dive towards the LTV just before you enter it, and if done right, you'll be glitched right inside the turret. This will make anyone inside the turret invisible to other players, making them very hard to kill since their body is actually located inside the truck.

They will still take damage, but a lot less, and it looks hilarious. This is a great trick to use when killing bots since they will also have trouble hitting you, and with double XP active now is the perfect time to go bot killing; keep in mind this only gives rank XP.

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