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I'll be showing you a brand new insane glitch spot, and we'll be going over every single working glitch in the DMZ, so make sure to stay until the end. Let's try to get 250 likes on this article, and be sure to subscribe for more glitches. Just like this, keep an eye out for Mr. Ziggy let's just quickly go over the road map for season two, which comes out on February 15th.

The DMZ is getting a new island and new missions, plus the bots should be a lot easier to kill. Warzone is also being upgraded with new events and a new mode, and multiplayer is getting a bunch of new modes, new maps, and even a new raid. This spot can be done solo, but you will need a car to get in and bring it exactly where I do, reverse and quickly get out while pushing forward, and you should reach right through the wall.

You may get stuck in the floor, so just crouch to get underneath the building. This is a huge wall breach, and it's perfect for clearing out the bots that usually roam around this area. If you are having problems breaching in, try going prone when you exit the vehicle, but I found this spot to be very easy to get into.

You can unlock the door from underneath the map to allow your whole team to get into the locked building. The unlimited stem glitch is still working, but you will need two munition boxes and a trophy system; this will also work with an armor box. With a munition box equipped, you will need to drop it to the ground and then equip the trophy system.

Now drop the second Munitions box and then use the trophy system; this will cause your armor box or Munitions box to become duplicated.

Glitch 5

Glitch 5

The unlimited ammunition glitch is also still working. Save a few bullets in your magazine and then stow your weapon just before the reload animation finishes, and if you've timed it just right, you will never run out of ammo. This is the perfect glitch to use for rocket launchers like the Joker since it can be a pretty Opie weapon when used properly in the DMZ.

Just make sure you stow it a second before the reload animation finishes, and if done right, you will never use up any of your rockets.

Glitch 6

The four weapon glitch is also still working, and you will need a riot shield for this glitch to work, which you can get from the Stronghold riot shield. Bots simply, Stow any weapon you want in the backpack, and make sure you have the riot shield in your secondary slot.

My favorite loadout is having an SMG for its mobility and a sniper as my secondary. With the riot shield on your back, it should be able to protect you from most sneak attacks and come in handy for a quick getaway.

Glitch 9

Quite often, you will find a stronghold right here on the map. You can use the solo unlock door glitch to open this one; I find it easier with tapped indirect turned on. This glitch will work on any locked door that is close to a corner. Simply hold square while looking at the door, and quickly move around the corner while spamming square.

This will trick the game into thinking you are inside the stronghold. I find it best to move back and forth very quickly while holding square and spamming square, and if done right, the door should open. This building right here on the map is perfect for this glitch. You can find a ton of cash registers here and a locked Yum door; just stand around the corner facing the door, then move back and forth while holding square and spamming square, and the door should open. Once revived, you'll want to head straight to the x-fill and don't pick up any other weapons; you will notice you have duplicated whichever weapon you were revived with.

Glitch 11

Glitch 11

If you are solo, use a thermite on a riot shield bot and quickly pick up the riot shield when he drops it. Then, dolphin dive and quickly get into an LTV with a turret with another player in the driver's seat, and you will be glitched inside the vehicle, making you a lot harder to kill.

So these are all the best working glitches for Warzone and the DMZ, and yes, the unlimited fuel glitch I posted yesterday is also still working.

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