News - New " 2 Shot " No Recoil Raal Warzone 2. 0. Best Raal Setup & Tuning

best raal lmg attachments warzone 2.0raal tuning warzone 2.0

I hope you're all having a fantastic day because I am about to show you guys my best route. Noriko Loadout: This Raul was actually one of my first LMGs I used in Warzone 2.0, but now I have to play for a little bit, and knowing what attachments are best, trust me, this route hits like a truck. Yes, it does.

Let me show you the class setup, and as well, a special shout out to my newest members, who give me a huge extra boost to the channel, and you can become one for as low as 99 cents a month. Just the best all-around for recoil in this gun, we're going to go ahead and tune this recoil. Smoothness almost all the way to the max and bullet velocity as well, almost all the way to the max until the little graph stops moving, and there we go now, there's going to be no bear on this one, the under barrel.

The best one is going to be the left-side grip, like this one right here, which gives us aim. Idle stability and walking suddenness, Regal Cinemas and Rico stabilization, we're going to go ahead and tune this one as well. Again, almost all the way to the max right here because, again, remember, this guy's going to have good recoil.

best raal lmg setup warzone 2.0

But there's also great accuracy, and that one allows you to hit your shots a lot easier. Now we're going to use a stock in this one. A lot of people don't use stocks, but they're actually amazing at recoil control. We're going to use the first one, the demo H40, which gives us recoil control. We're going to stick with the stock tuning.

We're going with the aim of walking steadily. Again, almost there to the max, and then on the bottom one, we are going to go with a walking speed that is going to be almost there to the max as well, and then the optic is a personal preference. But if you're a fan of using these small grenades and the thermal, then obviously I would suggest you use this one, the S and Z Hollow Therm.

It just really depends on how you like it, but I was using this one for the gameplay, the SSC, Hollow theme. We're going to go and tune it, and just add the speed almost all the way to the max on the hand side, ladies and gentlemen. This is the class setup; trust me, it hits like a truck, and just hold down that trigger and this gun will not move.

max damage raal lmg setup warzone 2.0

Let's jump right into the gameplay. It's so stupid that if the enemy sends an airstrike, you can't send one because it says it's full. Damn, I got one of them, and then the other guy shot me. I was so unfortunate.

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