News - Infinite Essence. Legendary Items / Bypass Cool Downs & Unlock Rare Schematics (warzone 2 Zombie Glitch)

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The Tombstone glitch may be patched when season 3 drops, so let's quickly go over how to use it to unlock all dark ether schematics. Glitches and Essence can help turn any difficult challenge into a cakewalk by using them to buy all the best gear perks and score streaks. You can check out my Max Essence article in the description.

The first thing you'll want to do is have all your squadmates by the tombstone perk and loosen any old tombstone you have set up until it crumbles. Only one player needs to bring in items that can help complete dark ether contracts, and that player will also want a decent pile of essence. Then all players will need to leave the squad so that they're all solo, and then the player with the items and essence will need to get down and bleed out.

Once that player is revived, the tombstone is set, so they can now share the items in essence with the other two players, who will need to set up their own tombstone. This will allow all players to have the exact same items and essence in the next match. If you're looking to unlock the new zombie schematics, or maybe you want to unlock Mastery Camos, then you'll want to check out my sponsor, Mitch Cactus.


They offer safe and legitimate services for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and they also offer instant delivery on pre-made accounts. Once all three tombstones have been set, all players will need to get eliminated, and you can do this quickly by driving into the outpost. Make sure all players buy the tombstone perk in case you all get eliminated inside the dark ether.

Then use an elder sigil on any dark ether portal, and all players can head inside once in the dark ether. Give any items you want in the next match to the tombstoner account. The other players can use any items they wish since the tombstoner account will have duplicates inside their inventory for the next game.

Now start farming contracts to get the rewards, and if you need any help in the dark either, feel free to join our Discord in the Description: Once you have completed all three contracts, drop all the essence for the tombstone or account to grab, and then the other two players will need to leave the game.

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The tombstone or account will need to wait until it says each player has left the match, and then they can get eliminated. A tombstone will be waiting at the cemetery in the next's match with all the items and essence they died with. This is how you can save schematics to share with other players and keep a tombstone with a big pile of essence.

The other two players will unlock any schematics they find and will keep any items they find filled, but keep in mind that the tombstoner will lose their insured weapon each time. You can repeat the same pattern over and over by having all three players set up a new tombstone, which will help save each player from using their own schematics.

You can quickly unlock all dark-e schematics in just a few hours using this exploit, and you won't need to use up any stash items or schematics, which can be very useful for all players.

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