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What if I told you there's a way to get thousands of Call of Duty points without having to spend your entire savings or grind the game for hours and hours, in this article I'm going to tell you exactly how to do it believe it or not this method is actually used by some of the biggest Call of Duty creators out there and the best part it works on all platforms so whether you're on PC Xbox or another platform you're in luck but before we get started let's take a quick moment to announce the winner of yesterday's Call of Duty points giveaway, as you guys know I give away 2, 400.

I'll show the winner on the screen all right there we go congratulations. For today's winner, we will be picking another winner in the next article, so if you want to win the next one, just drop a like on this article and subscribe. Now let me finish showing you how to get these Cod points. You guys may have heard about the new Call of Duty VIP codes that just dropped, and let me tell you, they're insane.

You can get anywhere from 5, 000 points to 15, 000 points per code, and the best part is that I'm going to tell you exactly how to get your own code. First things first, head over to the page where you can redeem your Call of Duty gift card codes. Depending on your platform, you'll need to visit either the official Call of Duty website or the Microsoft or Playstation Store.


Just go to wherever you normally redeem your gift card codes. Now that you're ready to redeem a code, you will need to type in one of the new VIP Points codes that just dropped. Like I said, these codes are sent to the big Call of Duty creators, so usually it would be almost impossible to get them unless you are famous on YouTube or another platform, and this is where we get into step two.

Now all you need to do is type in a VIP code to redeem it. I dropped a link to the website that gives them out. Keep in mind that if it's your first time getting a VIP code from the site, you'll need to complete a quick 2- to 3-minute offer just to verify that you're not a bot. They do this to keep things fair and prevent all the codes from being claimed by bots, so do one of these easy offers.

Fill in some easy information; it only takes two or three minutes. Once you've completed the offer, your very own VIP code will be revealed on the screen. I'm showing you mine right now, but remember, this code is already used and won't work for anyone else. Now you have to get your own fresh code.

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Be sure you don't give your code away because it can only be redeemed once. If you share this with a friend, they will need to get their own fresh code. Now that we are on step three, congratulations. You have your very own VIP Call of Duty points code now. All you need to do is redeem it. As you saw in my intro, we lucked up and got a ton of points from the last code we redeemed.

So there you have it, guys, a simple and easy way to get your hands on thousands of Call of Duty points without spending a dime or grinding for hours on end.

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