News - How To Be The Best Smg Player Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Vaznev Ranked Tips

a better smg player

Map Control is the name of the game when it comes to being an impactful SMG player in Modern Warfare 2: being at a part of the map the enemy team once but not allowing them to have it, whether that means you're winning the gunfights or just being annoying. It does not matter as long as they're not in the position they want to be in, and a little-known secret is that the second-best thing for your team is getting turnovers.

Time is not allowing the other team to get hard points on the biggest issue most people suffer with, which is that they just don't understand they're supposed to be dynamic. On the map, there's not one set way to play an SMG role; you're going to be asked to get hardpoints when you're going to be asked to push out.

Cuts, you're going to be asked to hit the yearly rotations. It's all map control; it's always been map control, post-class setups. I hope you guys have a great day. I feel so you'll have to work with me every time I pull my vasnib trigger. You'll just have to imagine it going, because that's what the vasnev sounds like.

So I hope the game audio isn't too immersion-breaking for you guys. It has decent gameplay. But I'm going to stop talking now.

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