News - Hcr 56 Is The Most Slept On Class Warzone 2

best hcr 56 class

The reason we're using it is that I like all of my weapons suppressed, and you get the pros of bullet velocity and damage range. Here's the tuning that we had on the suppressor: negative 50 for ads, plus 42 for bullet velocity. Remember, there is a sweet spot. Next up, we're using the Ripper 56. This is what's going to minimize that side-to-side bounce and increase your aiming stability.

And then for tuning. I have a 54 for recoil and cellularization. And then plus 25 for aiming stability since this is an LMG, we're going to put the seven milliwatt laser on it to increase our ambient stability or Sprint to Fire and our ads speed, and then for the tuning on the laser. I have it at negative eight for Sprint to Fire speed.

I kept it pretty neutral, and then I have it at negative 29 for ads speed, and when it comes to optics, it's pretty much personal preference. I like the Amod 4 and the Corona Mini, and here it is the sleeper of the whole build; this is what's going to make a hit scan the high velocity rounds anyways.

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